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“Do not make the mistake of thinking you know everything there is to know about competitions because you have been to a couple. Each competition is different, and getting insider tips from a judge and fellow competitor is a major help!” -Jennifer

If you are looking for advice and tips on competing in a belly dance competition, this book is it! Jennifer is a multi-award winning, world champion belly dancer, and in this book she shares about all of her blunders, triumphs and failures in learning the “formula for success” at belly dance contests. She has gone on to judge at several belly dance competitions around the nation and is happy to share this book full of blunt explanations of what the belly dance contest life is really like for a dancer.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or completely new to the belly dance competition circuit, you will find something useful in each chapter as it takes you step by step into the mental and physical preparation you will need to do very well at the belly dance contest.

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“I will be honest, when I first started competing, I did not ask for help, I thought all I had to do when was have a great performance with good technique and a pretty costume and that would win, but I was soooo wrong! These things will NOT win a competition, and should I have had a resource like this I would have saved a whole lot of time and money those first couple of years”.

Many do not want to share their most intimate secrets for fear that they will be beaten by another at a competition, but here, we lift the veil and share it all. So do yourself a favor and buy this book and save hundreds if not thousands now by avoiding ultra-common mistakes.

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Why Should I Buy The Bellydance Competition Handbook?

When Jennifer first competed she had no clue what to do and what that magic formula for success would be, and with time and experience she figured it out. With this book, you can prevent spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and countless mistakes.

Click on the short video on the right get more information on what makes this book different from anything else out there on the market. You won’t regret reading The Bellydance Competition Handbook!

bellydance competition handbook strategies
"The Formula"
  • In-depth breakdown of strategies to win
  •  Timeline
  • Visual Appearance
  •  Choreography 
  • Researching Competitions
  •  Stress Handlers
  •  And  so more…
belly dance competition handbook by jennifer
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Ideas on how to standout from all of your competitors and come closer to a win!

the belly dance competition handbook

Blunt and honest advice dancers aren’t sharing. You will be reading a book written by a judge and winner. Use the blunt insider tips and lift the facade.

Bellydance competition books
Play The Game

Learn how competition pieces differ from regular performances

belly dance competition handbook by jennifer bellydance

From not placing to winning 3 in a row in ashort span of time. Learn how.

Bellydance books about competing
Bonus Section

We cover musicality from the perspective of a previous multi-award winning musician (I played in competitive band and orchestra for 10 years).

Still Skeptical?

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Reader Review

“I particularly enjoyed the information on how to pick the best competition for me! Knowing how to evaluate a competition to ensure it will be a good fit for me is going to save a lot of money, time and frustration. Before reading this guide, I felt like I should go for any and everything I saw, but now I’m making myself a small, select list of where to compete. Also,the music theory and how to make a visual outline of the music to ease choreography was huge for me! Thank you!”

Reader Review

“Your personal anecdotes. Your experience is priceless and sharing all the parts, good and bad, made this book a page turner (yep finished it in one sitting)- but will definitely be re-reading it for preparation for my next competition.”

Reader Review

“The ‘dark’ reality of bellydance competitions, the chapter about trainings, and parts which talks about food…lots of small details. I wish I read this before my first competition last year so I would have taken my own food with me…”

Reader Review

“It’s a very realistic approach to things and removed the veil so to speak. it presented a really good gauge of how to know if competing is for me or not and then how to attack it.”

Reader Review

“Excellent material and great organization for presenting it. Loved how you blended in your personal experiences and showed your personality through your writing!!! :)”

“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Thinking about competing? You need The Bellydance Competition Handbook by Jennifer. Great tool, easy to read, and very valid arguments” -Valerick M.