Couture Crystal Bellydance Costumes

Welcome Bling-A-Holics!

crystal and bling bellydance costumes for sale

Since I was a little kid I would take apart Barbie outfits and create my own rendition and fashion wardrobe for my dolls. Years later, my passion for fashion and my need to find costumes that fit my unique body perfectly and had all the sparkle I craved resulted in my line of couture bellydance costumes.

Every year I learn the latest techniques, stay up to date on trends and design new costumes that make me and my clients feel like a million bucks.

As my arthritis has begun to affect my sewing schedule, I now will only take on a limited number of orders per year, and will require 3-6 months to complete a crystal costume masterpiece.

I know many of you desire a costume in a quicker timeframe, but for the level of detail it takes to make crystal costumes, I hope you will understand.

Here are just some of the many costumes I have created for clients and myself over the years…