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Multi-award-winning dancer, Jesenia, will dazzle your guests with a dynamic and unforgettable show.  She brings 2 decades of experience and knowledge to tailor each show to fit your occasion perfectly!



2017 Essence of Belly Dance 1st Place Oriental Category

2017 Essence of Belly Dance People’s Choice

​2017 Belly Dance Masters 1st Place Pro Oriental Category

2017 Belly Dance Masters 1st Runner Up Pro Fusion category 

2017  River City Raqs 1st Place  Pro Oriental category



Performance Packages & Prices

Enjoy a luxurious show, custom-designed show by an experienced award-winning belly dancer in Jacksonville, FL.

Base Price= $399 (30 minutes)


Egyptian Style Show

Bring a piece of Egypt to your party. This show features the following 7 numbers:
1. A grand entrance with a Shamadan number using Zills
2. An energetic Mejance
3. Honored guest dance
4. Eskanderani or Saidi piece
5. Drum solo
6. & 7. We get the party going with your choice of Shaabi or top Egyptian pop songs to dance the night away.

Levant Style Show

No one will stay in their seats long with this performance! Enjoy the following 7 numbers: a sassy Lebanese Oriental entrance with assaya, a balance act with a candle tray, honored guest dance, double veil dance,  drum solo, and we top the show off with one of today’s most popular Lebanese pop hits and of course, a high-energy Dabke. Get ready!

Turkish Style Show

If you or your loved one is of Turkish descent, this show has it all! This package includes 7 numbers:
1. A fast-paced Turkish Oriental song with a veil
2. Balance act with a Turkish Scimitar sword
3. Honored guest dance
4. Tsiftetli with floorwork
5. Drum solo
6. & 7. Two audience songs using the most fun/energetic Turkish music of today

Greek Style Show

Full of kerfi, this show is sure to delight an audience of all ages. This package includes the following 7 numbers: 
1. A lively Oriental entrance song with zills
2. A balance act with a candle tray
3. Honored guest dance
4. Double veil dance
5. A Bouzouki solo
6. An audience participation song to one of today’s top Greek hits
7. Of course, we’ll finish it all off with a zorba. Opa!

American Medley Show

Simply because you are not from a MENAT country does not mean you can’t appreciate and enjoy the beautiful dances that hail from these regions. In this medley style show, enjoy as Jennifer performs the following 7 acts:
1. An Egyptian Mejance
2. Morrocan candle tray dance
3. Honored guest dance (Turkish song)
4. Feather fan dance to a Greek song
5. Drum solo
6. & 7. Audience participation section featuring popular music from Lebanon and Egypt

COVID-19 Performance Requirement Updates for Parties

1. the dancer must have at least a 15-foot space between her and audience members at all times.

2. Tips are to be given electronically or via an envelope after the performance, please

3. All shows must be outdoors or in a large open room ONLY
(an image of the performance space proposed must be sent to Jennifer after the contract is signed to ensure compliance)

Thank you for understanding. This is to ensure the safety of both performers and guests.

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