Bellydance Costumes For Sale

High-End Bellydance Costumes for Slim/Petite Frames

View the latest lightly used belly dance costumes available for sale. I have a passion for fashion and buy designer brands or create my own luxury costuming.

Every costume has measurements posted in inches to make it easy to compare and assure the right fit when received.

Read through each post in detail to obtain all the information you need.


I take very good care of my costumes. I deliver them in a clean and odor-free condition to my buyers. Any disclaimers are clearly labeled in the sale post.

Reasonable Prices

Each costume is priced according to its acquisition price minus any imperfections or simply time of wear. For costumes that were rehabs, any costs with fixing and high-quality material replacements are taken into account for fair and honest pricing.


I use USPS shipping here in the U.S. Pricing can be found online. If you would like additional shipping insurance or other options let me know. I am not liable for the post office making mistakes. I always send a receipt to buyers with every shipment as proof of purchase time/date and tracking info information.

Gold and Red Sahar

$750 (plus pp fees)

Bra measurements:
6” vertical
6.25” horizontal
7” diagonal
Ideal for a full c to D cup
Rib cage: 30” unstretched
Halter straps: 11” each for total of 22”

Upper hip: 27.5” unstretched. This is stretchy + there is an elastic around the entire circumference. I wouldn’t go past 35” for upper hip measurement though. I’ll 33” and this was always a little big on me.

Lower hip: open. It has built in shorts. I’m 39” lower booty for reference and these stayed in place.
Skirt Length: 36”

Accessories:Comes with two wrist cuffs

Disclaimer: one stone is missing on the skirt waist.

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Lavendar Evil Eye
Bellydance By Jennifer Inc.

$800 (plus paypal fees)

Uses 90% Swarovski other 10% is Dmc stone

This skirt alone took 40 hours to make! Enjoy yards upon yards worth of ruffles in lavender, yellow and royal blue.

Vertical: 6”
Horizontal: 7”
Diagonal: 7”
Rib cage: 29” unstretched
Neck circumference: 17”
Bra center to end of neck medallion: 5”

2 pieces sewn together
Total length: 35.5”
I’m 33” upper hip for reference

Features some booty rouging!
Upper hip: 28” unstretched. I’m 33” for reference
Lower hip: 33” unstretched. I’m 39” for reference
Back center 37.5”
Side 35.25”
Front center: 33.5”

Disclaimer: fishing line is coming out of the hem in a  few spots and the ruffle hem has seen better days. Hem isn’t the most even either.

Accessories: two evil eye wristlets  and two armbands

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