Why Should I Choose Jennifer?

What Makes Her THE Top Entertainer in Orlando, FL?

If you have landed on this page chances are that you are the type of person who appreciates quality, and would not accept a cheap/ “good enough” party entertainer in Orlando, FL for your event.

If you are wanting to impress with one of the best in this industry (World Champion here), then I would love to work with you, as exceeding your expectations is my priority.

I specialize in creating high-end, custom designed shows for my clientele.

I do cost more compared to other belly dancers you come across, and you will realize why it was worth every penny when you the see the caliber of show that is offered. I didn’t become a top bellydance entertainer in the country for no reason.

Year after year the feedback is the same…”elegant, family friendly, and so much charisma!”. if this is the type of show you seek, then i am the entertainer for you. 

Watch Video Proof
No Gimmicks

Here are some of the common traps many easily fall into online:

1. “Award winning dancer”:

Did the belly dancer actually compete in a large scale competition or a simple renaissance fair or local show? This makes a HUGE difference everyone!

Did the bellydancer win the category or simply place? 8th place sound good enough to you? Make sure you know what you are getting when you see the words “award winning”!

2. Recent photographs:

Are the pictures on the website actually updated and recent? How many times do you hear about hiring a performer and they did not look like the picture online?

Photoshop…the body and face should not have tricks or altering changes in photoshop made. A recent video is going to be the best way to ensure you are getting the person you expect the day of your event.

3. Bad practices:

Are the bellydancers reviews online from actual clients or their photographer or network of friends? Don’t fall for staged reviews!

Is the video ill-lit or not contain enough footage of actual DANCING ability? If so, be afraid, be very afraid.

Pricing Reflects Ability

One of the first questions I am asked over the phone is, “how much does a bellydance show cost?” If you want the best bellydance entertainer in Orlando, FL then yes, it will cost more.

That extra expense will go a long way when it comes to getting a World Champion, internationally renowned belly dance party entertainment professional vs. a “professional” with less than great dancing or showmanship.

In general if prices are lower, the video will definitely be the proof to use when comparing dancers. Videos are a bellydancers portfolio, so make sure to watch them, compare, and make the best decision.

You may find $50-$100 in difference a big deal at first, but when it comes to elegance, and family-friendly entertainment that is well known in the business, that little extra goes a long way.

Your loved one’s will be at your event, make sure to impress them. Do not be fooled by pretty pictures not enough dance training to support their claims.

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Charisma + Experience

Let’s be frank…technique and beauty alone does not an entertainer make! Charisma is the essential magical ingredient that captivates audiences, and makes a positive and memorable impression.

No one wants a gorgeous dancer with no feeling, soul, or simply a fake smile. The emotional range and depth are what add the spice and flare that lead to genuine smiles and “wow”.

Experience plays a big part in creating the perfect show. Just like a doctor, lawyer or any other profession. Experience matters, and selecting a performer with the vast experience to ensure you are stress free leading up to the party/event and can manipulate the crowd perfectly is the goal.

As a previous event planner, turned full time belly dancer, let’s just say you are in the best of hands.

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Another Review

bellydancer in orlando florida

 “Honestly, I didn’t want any entertainment and truthfully my wife and daughter forced me to hire Jennifer.But even if its hard to admit, I am glad I gave in and did it. Watching their smiling faces, was great.Even my buddies enjoyed the belly dancing (which I had my reservation about).

Actually it made the party. We liked Jennifer’s Act so much we already booked her for our next anniversary party, this time with me on board”.

– Stepan