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Are you ready to bring a World Champion bellydancer to your event? I am so excited to work with you and to learn more about your vision and inner circle. After all, every show I perform is custom designed to suit your theme/cultural background.

Please Note:

  • I DO NOT perform for bachelor parties or all-male events
  • If you live outside of my drive radius, a travel fee of $50 per half hour of travel time will be charged 
  • Tips are appreciated. Read my blog post on my tipping policies HERE

How To Hire a Bellydancer

Step 1

View the contract and request an e-sign copy to be sent to you or fill it out online, save it to your computer and email it back.

Step 2

Make a deposit.
Once Jennifer receives your contract a payment request will be sent via Paypal. The deposit MUST be made or Jennifer will not be booked for your event.

Step 3

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Performance Packages & Prices

Enjoy a luxurious show, custom-designed by an experienced world champion belly dancer to suit your cultural background and event wishes.

All shows are 30 min. in length

Bellydance Show Base Price= $399

Duet Bellydance Show Base Pricing= $799

Egyptian Style Show

Bring a piece of Egypt to your party. This show features the following 7 numbers:
1. A grand entrance with a Shamadan and z Zills
2. An energetic Mejance
3. Honored guest dance
4. Fokloric number
5. Drum solo
6. & 7. We get the party going with your choice of Shaabi or top Egyptian pop songs to dance the night away.

bellydancer jennifer of orlando
Levant Style Show

No one will stay in their seats long with this vivacious show! Enjoy the following 7 numbers: a sassy Lebanese Oriental entrance with assaya, a balance act, honored guest dance, double veil dance,  drum solo, and we top the show off with one of today’s most popular Lebanese pop hits and of course, a high-energy Dabke. Get ready!

Turkish Style Show

If you or your loved one is of Turkish descent, this show has it all! This package includes 7 numbers:
1. A fast-paced Turkish Oriental song with a veil or Zills
2. Balance act with a Turkish Scimitar sword
3. Honored guest dance
4. Tsiftetli with floorwork
5. Drum solo
6. & 7. Two audience songs using the most fun/energetic Turkish music of today

jen about new
Greek Style Show

Full of kerfi, this show is sure to delight an audience of all ages. This package includes the following 7 numbers:
1. A lively Oriental entrance song with zills
2. A balance act with a candle tray
3. Honored guest dance
4. Double veil dance of feather fan dance
5. A Bouzouki solo
6. An audience participation song to one of today’s top Greek hits
7. Of course, we’ll finish it all off with a zorba. Opa!

bellydance by jennifer
American Medley Show

Simply because you are not from a MENAHT country does not mean you can’t appreciate and enjoy the beautiful dances that hail from these regions. In this medley style show, enjoy as Jennifer performs the following 7 acts:
1. An Egyptian Mejance
2. A balance act
3. Honored guest dance
4. Feather fan dance to a Greek song
5. Drum solo
6. & 7. Audience participation section featuring popular music from Lebanon and beyond

bellydance by jennifer
Iraqi Style Show

Jennifer has performed for numerous women’s parties for many Iraqi families across Central Florida. She loves to mix Iraqi dances, with some other genres to create this unique show which includes the following 7 numbers:
1.A lively Kawleya dance
2. Balance act with a basket or tray
3. Honored guest dance
4. Modern Khaleeji dance
5. Beledi style drum solo
6. & 7. We top the night off with a segment featuring a modern Iraqi song and one modern pop song

Indian Style Show

Let’s combine some of the rich traditional music with some of the modern as well. In this package is the following:
1. Jennifer begins with an entrance piece to a well-loved traditional Indian song featuring wings
2. A balance act with sword
3. A honored guest dance to a modern Bollywood song
4. Double veil performance
5. Drum solo
6. & 7. Audience participation section featuring 2 of today’s most popular Bollywood & Middle Eastern party songs.

*Please note Jennifer does not dance Bollywood. She is fusing music genres only*

Guyanese/Trinidadian Show

Due to the large amount of bookings Jennifer has received through word of mouth by Trinidadian and Guyanese families since 2007, this package was specially created just for this reason! This show includes the following 7 pieces:
1. An upbeat Oriental number
2. Balance act with sword
3. Honored guest dance to a Soca song
4. Double veil dance
5. Drum solo
6. & 7. We finish the performance with a Tassa song and Bollywood hit

COVID-19 Performance Requirement Updates for Parties

1. Even though she is vaccinated, Jennifer must have at least a 15-foot space between her and audience members at all times.

2. Tips are to be given electronically or via an envelope after the performance please

3. All shows must be outdoors or in a large open room ONLY
(an image of the performance space proposed must be sent to Jennifer after the contract is signed to ensure compliance)

Thank you for understanding. This is to ensure the safety of both performer and guests.

Jennifer danced on my birthday in August. Her belly dance was absolutely beautiful. My guests enjoyed it very much, they didn’t want Jennifer to leave that night, I didn’t either. She got all my guests involved, made the night so enjoyable and fun. Jennifer will definitely dance at my next party! Not only she’s a good dancer she’s very professional and friendly. Thank you Jennifer.

Ender Averbauch

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