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High-Quality Entertainment in Orlando

“I am of Colombian heritage, which plays a big role in who I am as an entertainer in Orlando FL. Hard work, emotionality, and having fun define who I am and flow into all aspects of my company, Bellydance By Jennifer Inc.


I began belly dancing in mid-2007. I moved to Orlando, FL to begin college and was looking for a fun way to make friends and stay fit. I had been a musician all my life and was accustomed to working alongside 45-120 musicians daily. Moving to Orlando, where I knew no one was quite the change. I decided to go to a nearby salsa studio to try something new, but I knew I had not found my next passion.


As I left the studio after my salsa class, there was a small poster promoting belly dance classes. I decided to try the class the following week. That is when I met my first belly dance instructor, Jolie of Elements of Dance who completely changed my life.


As I immersed myself into bellydance, I found a higher level of confidence, artistic expression, and happiness I could not describe. The music was rich and exotic and I fell in love with the movements. I knew this would be a challenge, and that is precisely what I loved about this genre.


Taking my keen ear for music and my disciplined nature, I began working diligently to one day become a respected belly dancer in my industry and be able to showcase the music precisely with my body. During this time, I also began modifying movements to accommodate my moderate double scoliosis as my back simply restricted me from performing certain moves that others could with a healthier spine. I found a method that worked and still allowed for big movements that could be seen from afar. 

A Few Goals as an Entertainer in Orlando FL

It has been my goal to provide others with the happiness belly dancing has given me and to show the artistry and beauty of this ancient dance form.


My motto is “Always a Student.” Although I teach belly dance, I am aware that there is still SO MUCH to learn that it literally will take a lifetime! There is nothing more humbling as an entertainer in Orlando FL than to realize just how much there is still left to learn and to master.

Image By: Bob Garas Photography

We had the pleasure of having Jennifer for a surprise bday party on July 13th and she was absolutely superb. Very engaging and entertaining, everyone enjoyed the performance and loved the show!! Truly professional and personable, a winning combination…highly recommended for your event!

Al Mac


♥ 1st Runner Up: Bellydancer of The Year 2015

♥ 1st Place: Bellydancer of The World Oriental 2013

♥ 1st Place: Bellydancer of The World Folklore 2013

♥ 1st Runner Up: Bellydancer of The World Fantasy Fusion 2013

♥ 1st Runner Up: Miami Bellydance Competition Professional 2012

♥ 1st Place Ya Halla Ya’ll Professional Soloist 2012

♥ Photographers Choice/People’s Choice 2012

-1st Place Stellar Pro Soloist 2012

The Top Choice For Entertainment in Orlando FL

Jennifer is an internationally renowned, multi-award winning artist and the winner of Bellydancer of The World 2013. She entered the bellydance scene in 06/11/07 and has become the top choice for entertainment in Orlando FL at birthday parties, weddings, and special events ever since. She is well-known for her creativity, charisma and abdominal feats that she proudly displays in every performance. She sets herself apart with her superior commitment to excellence. By combining her deep knowledge of MENAT cultures, prior event management experience, and belly dance training, she has created shows that have left audiences thoroughly entertained, with a greater appreciation for the Art and that showcase her fun and humorous personality. Over the years, her passion has led her to become a sought-after instructor and even an author! Her work has been featured on television, radio, and billboards which is a tremendous honor! Her motto is “Always A Student” as she constantly is delving deeper into her studies of oriental dance, folklore and, cross-training in other genres to continue evolving.

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