Online Bellydance Classes /Recorded Classes

A very good program. I really think that you can transorm dancers. You know what you teach. I like more to work through video then powhow or Skype because there are always internet problems, delays, bad sound etc… Instead I liked very much the arm Program (also for the economical price ^_^) because there were a lot of stuff in a hour and the videos had quality which let me see and understand everything.
Antonella Sgueglia

In-Depth Online Bellydance Classes

The Online Studio “Savvy Bellydancers” is on Fire!

I created an online studio full of video recordings of workshop topics and other hard to find, niche topics to help dancer’s make a leap in their dance journey. Like you, I lead quite a busy life juggling my daytime profession, bellydance business and, personal life. This online studio is the perfect way to ensure you can still learn a skill, anytime, anywhere, no matter how hectic your schedule may get.

From 30 minutes lectures to 3-hour technique intensives, the Savvy Bellydancers School is a great supplement to your current bellydance studies and is a valuable resource that is available 24/7.

Are you wanting to grow your business and find ways to generate more revenue? There is an entire program dedicated to helping you do so online.

Tired of ill-fitting costumes? Learn how to make your own using the technique many famous designers use to create those costumes you so admire.

Are you wanting to get more results with your dance but need a guide to help push you to the next level? Check out the intensives, lectures and, drills online.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and to hear about your breakthroughs!

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Needs List

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Device to record homework video/assignments each week so you can compare your progress
  • Credit card or PayPal account to purchase videos
  • For private Skype classes: an area to set up your computer that allows the teacher to view your entire body
  • If you are purchasing an online recording, ensure that you have all parts in the series as Powhow only allows 30-minute content uploads per video

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