How To Gauge Who Is a Top Entertainer in Orlando

Educate Yourself & Hire a True Professional

If you have landed on this page, you are the type of person who values quality, and will not accept a “good enough” party entertainer in Orlando, FL for your event.

I will be honest, I created this page as a response to all of you out there who have not hired a bellydancer before and would like to know how to gauge which bellydancer is of a high caliber in your area.

Too often a client will select the first person who has a pretty picture online and is disappointed in themselves later for not having done their homework.

Here are some easy steps to take before hiring a bellydancer to ensure that you contract the entertainer that will surpass your expectations.

Quality Over Quantity 

Beware: What To Watch Out For

Award Winning : Are Your Sure?
  • Did the belly dancer actually compete in a national or international level competition? That would be good. Or, did they win at a simple renaissance fair or school show? That would not be good. Competing against amateurs is not the same as competing with professionals across the globe.


  • Make sure you know what you are getting when you see the words “award-winning”.  Did they win an online poll for “best picture” on some social media site? That would not be good. 
Beautiful Picture: Is it all Photoshopped?
  • Are the pictures and video on the website recent? The person you hire should look and dance the way they appear in the video and photograph.

    Sure, dancers can fluctuate a little, but it is recommended to always request a recent, full-length video to make sure you like what you see.

  • Photoshop…the body and face should not be altered in a manner that misleads clients. I see a lot of photoshopped body-contouring-looking images going around in this industry. A recent video is going to be the best way to ensure you are getting the person you expect the day of your event.
Fake Reviews & Old Footage...
  • Are the bellydancers’ reviews online from actual clients? That would be good. Or are they from their buddy photographer or vendor friends? Don’t fall for staged reviews! You are welcome to request to speak to a previous client of mine that left a review online. All of my reviews are from real clients.


  • Ask for the full video! Is there enough footage of actual DANCING ability from the potential performer? Look for a bellydancer with clear video footage (that is recent) that plays continuously from beginning to end. Seeing a video that is edited down to various shots means things are being concealed.
jennifer orlando bellydancer

Jennifer performed at my wedding on Feb 13, 2016. She was apart of a big surprise from my Mother and Brother. As a child, after going to Busch Gardens, I thought I would tell my class my Mother is a belly dancer but in fact she is an Educator. So she has promised she would belly dance at my wedding for over 30 years. Thank you Jennifer you and my Mother rocked our reception and looked great! #LiveLaughLamar2016


You Get What You Pay For

Let’s be frank, there are standards for pricing in every industry for a reason. Just like there is a minimum wage and then 6 figure salaries, what a belly dancer charges reflects her skill and ability.

Don’t choose the minimum wage options. Even just a $25 difference in a price, means there is a difference in skill/ability. Do your homework, and i applaud you for taking the time to read this information and educating yourself on how to hire the best performer for your event!

Charisma + Experience

Technique and beauty alone do not always equate to an exceptional show. Charisma and cultural nuance are the essential magical ingredient that captivate audiences and leaves a positive and memorable impression.

No one wants a gorgeous dancer with a plastered smile. The audience should feel their soul when the bellydancer performs. The emotional range and depth of the performer are what lead to genuine smiles and “wow” moments.

Experience plays a big part in creating the perfect show. Just like a doctor, lawyer, or any other profession, experience matters, and selecting a performer with the vast expertise to ensure that you are stress-free leading up to the party/event and can manipulate the energy perfectly is the goal.

As a previous event planner, let’s just say you are in the best of hands.

A Little Extra Goes a Long Way

One of the first questions I am asked over the phone is, “how much does a bellydance show cost?” If you want a top bellydance entertainer in Orlando, FL then yes, it will cost more.

That extra expense will go a long way when it comes to getting a World Champion, internationally renowned, belly dance party entertainment professional vs. a “professional” with less than great dancing or showmanship.

In general, if prices are lower, the video will definitely be the proof to use when comparing dancers. Videos are a bellydancer’s portfolio, so make sure to watch them, compare, and make the best decision.

Your loved ones will be at your event, make sure to impress them. Do not be fooled by pretty girls in sparkly costumes without enough dance training to support their claims.