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Craving in-depth bellydance workshop instruction? Jennifer is known for her detailed explanations, creative flair and humorous yet stringent teaching style that is aimed at leaving every student with more cultural awareness, knowledge, and motivation.

Over the years, she has been invited to teach bellydance workshops across the United States and internationally for a plethora of well-known events and conventions such as the Miami Bellydance Convention, Bellydance Masters, and Yaa Halla Ya’ll just to name a few.

Sharing her passion and knowledge with eager students is what fulfills her. Expect workshops that offer clear breakdowns and share her unique approach to belly dance which drives from her core heavy and emotional style. The material is also created with safety and modification in mind for those suffering from knee or back issues.

It is the seamless integration of various genres, the ability to help students express the music more accurately, and her comedic teaching style that make Jennifer a must-have instructor.

Bellydance Workshop Topics

Full descriptions available upon request

Technique Workshops

The Human Orchestra

Get ready to dive into this immensely hands-on experience. The students will be arranged into sections as part of an overall “orchestra” with Jennifer as the “Conductor”.  Guided exercises in how each member of the human orchestra” is dependent on the other in the musical piece using ear training will be taught. Examples of exercises are: “spirit instrument”: discover which instrument family moves your soul; “instrument matching” (matching your musical partner on one side of the room to the sound across the room from another member of the orchestra; “composers intention”: LISTENING to the musical cues in a song the composer purposefully included in order to guide your choreographic process more appropriately.

Get ready to get nerdy and deep with the music.

Just Wing It!

Advanced fusion Isis wings vocabulary for the brave of heart. Be ready for immense amounts of creativity and storytelling by learning jennifer’s unique technique and choreographic process when utilizing this beautiful prop.

HD Flutters

Have a flutter but the world just doesn’t see it yet? Let’s break down every possible scenario to unleash and strengthen your flutter. There are ways to make these appear bigger and deeper through some useful techniques Jennifer will share.

Then we will add 1, 2, and up to 3 layers!

Make It Snappy

5 techniques that will make your piece fierce and fabulous! Ever watch a performance and feel that it remained on the same energy level throughout?

Contrast adds more depth and adding more of this into your piece will lead to creating more interesting pieces.

Let’s go over some practical methods to help you achieve this.

Musician’s Point of View

Learn about ear training, creating musicality skeletons and gain a high level of understanding from a competitive musician in her day.

Students often share that they have a hard time choreographing, and after over a decade of working with dancers, what I have discovered is that they often hear only 50% of the music.

Learn how to train your ears in this interactive workshop where you will be working in groups and dissecting the musical lines so that the piece can truly be danced the way the composer intended it to be. 


Shimmies on The Downs?

Can’t seem to get your shimmies to loosen up and show? There is an inner muscle group that is the culprit!

I have the “cure” for you. Let’s get down and slow down those shimmies to fix the issues.

Modified Hair Flair

Enjoy the glorious effects of hair work with fully modified technique breakdowns that make it safe for all to try.

Once students have the new modifications down, we will integrate it into a raqs iraqi choreography!


Floorwork is one of those “wow” moments that has been a staple in the American Oriental set for decades.

When proper form, strength and technique is utilized, this can be a highly expressive and impressive section of your set.

Learn Jennifer’s take on floorwork and how she modifies everything to accommodate bad knees and spines.

Getting in Touch |Stopping the Brainwashing

After over a decade, something has became clear to Jennifer…bellydance has brainwashed her and many others into thinking expressing their sexuality in this dance form isn’t a “good” idea . Jennifer will challenge this and guide the students to open their minds and find ways to bring touch into their choreographic process. Group exercises where students try moves from other genres utilizing touch will be taught. In addition, partner exercises will be used heavily to create deeper connections and make students more comfortable. 

We will touch upon how other genres and bellydance can coexist in their use of touch as a form of expression. 


Learn to exploit those long arms with some new concepts and combinations you haven’t tried before.

This will push you to think about your arms in this genre in a new and fresh way and improve transitions and flow as well.

Core Instincts

Advanced abdominal technique and mind-bending drills to impress your audience. Jennifer is a master of abdominal isolation and will share her methods for creating larger, more precise belly work.

Earthy & Free

Often when I am judging at competitions, I notice that the need for more stylistic differentiation when the rhythm/music changes, is something to be addressed.

Not sure how to get more grounded when a Saidi rhythm comes in? How do you free your limbs when a Zaar rhythm is played? How can you get more gooey and free when a Masmoudi Kibir is heard? Let’s dig in!

Lecture Workshops

Competitions Uncensored

A blunt look into the competition circuit, what it takes and a “nothing is off limits” Q & A with this world champion & judge.

Sewing Secrets Revealed

Watch as Jennifer creates high end and couture costuming items in front of your eyes.

Ask any questions you desire and learn high-end construction techniques that many of the top bellydance costume designers use.

Emotionality During Dance

Gain a muscular approach to reaching a desired facial expression. Inspired by Jennifer’s favorite…Jim Carey!

Marketing Maven

You can find basic marketing advice everywhere, but what about the juicy, advanced stuff that CEO’s in medium-large firms know.

What if you could take that knowledge and apply it to your bellydance business? If you are ready for in-depth advice, this is the time.

American Oriental & It's History

A mixture of Greek, Lebanese, Egyptian styling and more, learn how this eclectic style formulated, the show set up and what makes it so wonderful!

Pyro Nerd

Fire belly dance is a responsibility and in this workshop, we cover everything from A-Z to make you a more knowledgeable and safer fire artist.

Choreography Workshops

Oh Melaya!

Perfect for beginners to intermediate level students. Learn a sweet yet sassy Eskanderani number using Melaya Leff.

We will begin with an overview of the costuming, creation of this genre and context.

Geisha Isis Wings Routine

Tell the story of love, loss and hope in this advanced wings choreography.

Colombian Fire!

A spicy and fierce drum from the brave of heart. You KNOW Jennifer brings it with her drum solo choreographies! See how Jennifer adds in a few of her own culture’s steps to add in a subtle latin flair.

Mejance | jennifer Style!

Make an entrance, no make an impact, with this strong and deliciously varied number using Jennifer’s dramatic styling

Feather Fan Classic

Use this non-traditional prop to dance along with one of the most classic Egyptian numbers…Enta Omri. Give an unexpected twist for your audience.

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