Bellydancer for Weddings in Orlando

Pre-Wedding Events Are Better With Bellydancing!

From Mehdi Gatherings to Rehearsal Dinners

There are so many events leading up to the wedding day that allow family and friends to gather and create special memories together. Depending on your cultural background, there are traditional celebrations that can last anywhere from days to weeks that are a must-do leading up to the wedding day.

Jennifer has the experience you seek. She has been a part of the vast majority of these types of occasions and knows what to do. From careful music selection to what colors mean according to your cultural roots and etc.

View just a few of the popular pre-wedding entertainment shows she offers.

Why Choose Jennifer?

Highly Experienced

Jennifer has performed at hundreds, if not thousands of events all across the globe. She knows how to command the audience’s attention and build the perfect custom show. She has been performing at weddings since 2007 and can maneuver any situation. Oh and one more detail….she is a world champion bellydancer!

Previous Event Supervisor

You should hire me because I know how to make your wedding a success! As a previous event supervisor, attention to detail is what will make your custom show mesmerizing. I coordinate with all of the pertinent vendors and the venue to ensure your day is flawless and relieve some of the stress for you


Feel assured that the wedding entertainment you choose will deliver excellence, not a semi-pro in a sparkly dress with mediocre dance skill underneath. Nothing is worse than having a beautiful dancer come perform at the wedding only to find out the actual dance ability is lower than expected…impress your guests with Jennifer! Everything from the quality of the props, costumes, music, etc. is exceptional. This is the standard all of my clients have come to respect and recognize.

Popular Pre-Wedding Shows

Please Note: These are Base Prices. Travel Fees Are Additional

Jennifer performed at my wedding this month, and it was such a beautiful and fun experience! Prior to the wedding, Jennifer worked with me to make sure the performance would be to my tastes; I had a choice of props and styles, and she even wore a costume with my wedding colors. Jennifer personally contacted my vendors and coordinated with them to make the planning easier.

Her performance was 30 minutes long, and she stayed afterwards for pictures. All of my guests absolutely loved the performance, and Jennifer had them clapping the entire time, and even dancing!

I’m so happy that Jennifer performed during my reception, it really made the celebration feel complete. She is such a beautiful dancer and a sweet person. Truly talented! I would recommend her to anyone.

Emma Bauman

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