Pre-Wedding Party Ideas

From Mehndi Gatherings to Rehearsal Dinners: Hire the Top Bellydancer for Weddings in Orlando

There are so many events leading up to the wedding day that allow family and friends to gather and create special memories together. Depending on your cultural background, there are traditional celebrations that can last anywhere from days to weeks that are a must-do leading up to the wedding day.

Jennifer has the experience you seek. She has been a part of the vast majority of these types of occasions and knows what to do. From careful music selection to what colors mean according to your cultural roots, let her experience bring you peace of mind.

Popular Pre-Wedding Show Ideas

(Base Pricing – Travel fee is not included for out of area events)

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Bridal Shower - $399

So the proposal occured, the excitement is in the air, and now you want to make your bridal shower so unique and fabulous, your friends will gush about it for years.

This bridal shower is perfectly timed (30 min.) to deliver a high-energy show with the perfect dose of interaction to get everyone dancing.


Rehearsal Dinner - $299

No one expects to have the huge and luxurious surprise of a belly dancer at the wedding rehearsal dinner. Give your guests a sneak peak of what is to come at your wedding with this 20 minute show 

Jennifer will coordinate with the restaurant or venue owner.

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Mehndi - $399

Enjoy a 30-minute show which includes 7 acts that have been custom created to suit you and your partner’s cultural background. BONUS: guests will enjoy 15 minutes of picture time with Jennifer after the show. Your guests will let the world know just how fun your wedding was!

bachelorette party belly dance ideas in orlando

Bachelorette Party - $425

Ideal for those brides who want to give belly dance a try with her favorite group of people (1 hour). The event starts with a 10 minute belly dance show followed by a 40 minute belly dance lesson and a cute gift for the bride to be.

How To Hire a Bellydancer

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Step 2

Make a deposit.
Once Jennifer receives your contract a payment request will be sent via Paypal. The deposit MUST be made or Jennifer will not be booked for your event.

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Recent Review

Jennifer performed at my wedding this month, and it was such a beautiful and fun experience! Prior to the wedding, Jennifer worked with me to make sure the performance would be to my tastes; I had a choice of props and styles, and she even wore a costume with my wedding colors. Jennifer personally contacted my vendors and coordinated with them to make the planning easier.

Her performance was 30 minutes long, and she stayed afterwards for pictures. All of my guests absolutely loved the performance, and Jennifer had them clapping the entire time, and even dancing!

I’m so happy that Jennifer performed during my reception, it really made the celebration feel complete. She is such a beautiful dancer and a sweet person. Truly talented! I would recommend her to anyone.

Emma Baumman

Bring Jennifer to Bellydance For Your Pre-Wedding Event in Orlando

Don’t wait until it is too late. Jennifer often is booked for events a year in advance. Contact me today if you have any questions and get started in planning a fun and elegant day for your guests.