FAQ’s About Hiring a Bellydancer in Orlando

Will You Bring The Music

Yes, I will bring all of my music on my Iphone. I recommend that you contact a DJ if you have more than 50 guests or a larger space. More sound power will be necessary to accommodate a larger space. I can easily plug into the DJ’s system.

If the event is held at a residence, no DJ is hired and has less than 50 people, I will even bring my own portable Bose sound system to ensure that there is a loud system to play my music on. The portable Bose is ideal for smaller events.

How Much Dance Space Do You Need?

The more the better! At the absolute minimum, a 15′ x 15′ space will suffice. As far as arrangement, a “U-shape set up is ideal, or a set up where the audience is all in front of me and I take up the entire back of the space. This is preferred as no one will see the back of me. Everyone will have a clear view of all that is occurring with props and show numbers.

My Party is Out of State, can You Perform at my Event?

These are always super flattering requests! I do travel out of state or internationally to perform for corporate events and private parties (I have even been hired to perform internationally in B.V.I. for example). So the answer is “yes”, I can definitely entertain your guests if they don’t live in Orlando. In addition to my performance fee, you will also need to factor in my fees for the travel, lodging, and a food voucher. Contact me if you would like me to help you coordinate this.

How May We Tip You?

I allow guests to tip me yes, but only in the form of a money shower or in my hand. If you hire me then you can also provide an envelope with the tip after the performance, or do so electronically on my Prices/Contract page.

I know many guests get excited and have seen body tipping on T.V. but I do not allow it at all and respect your cooperation. Here is a blog post I wrote on the subject to guide you on appropriate behavior regarding this.

Why Are Your Prices Than Other Bellydancers I Called?

You would expect to pay more for a Bentley compared to a Kia, correct? The answer is simple, quality. I have the vast experience, top awards, continual training, high-end look, master level show standards and the personality to put you at ease. Let’s be frank…when you are hiring a bellydancer for your Orlando wedding reception or event, quality is not something you want to skimp on.

Cheaper DOES NOT= Better. In fact, the lower the price (even just $50), the less the experience level and caliber of show. I understand everyone has different situations, and so if you need a payment plan, that option is available to all of my clients.

Is the Price for One Dancer or Multiple?

All pricing is for one (1) dancer at your event. For two or more you can double the price, triple the price, and so on. The more dancers, the more rehearsals, choreographies and coordination that will need to occur.