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Private Belly Dancing Classes in Orlando, FL


If you are searching for private Belly Dancing Classes in Orlando, FL or private coaching via SKYPE, we can work together and create fantastic results with your belly dance!  Please read and select your desired lesson/choreography package below. If you wish to bring me to your town for workshops intead, please click on my belly dance workshop page.

professional belly dancer programRhythms and Roots!

So you keep hearing that you need to know your rhythms for belly dance but what does that mean? What movements, styles, and cultural tidbits do you need to know? What if you aren't a good ziller? What if you have never taken music classes before? No problem! This class is perfect for you! We will delve into 5 weeks of intense study on this topic and get you to connect the dots in no time!



Make Me Amazing Academy Program ($60/hr)


Ready to hone into belly dance & learn her academy style format ? This is the program! Here we zone in on your strengths, weaknesses, and presence. The program consists of 5 levels, each with a syllabus and a certificate upon completion of level exam. The students must demonstrate not just technical, but cultural proficiency and heightened showmanship abilities.

1 or 2 Students?

skype classesPrivate Online Skype Lessons ($60/hr)


These are ideal for those of you who live far away and want to learn directly from Jennifer in the luxury of your own home. Suitable for all levels, from beginner to seasoned professional.


winner-belly-dancer-of-the-worldCompetition Coaching and Choreography ($80/hr)

As you already may know Jennifer has won numerous competitions including Belly Dancer of the World in Germany. If you plan to compete and want insider tips, tricks, music choice help, work on technique and choreography that will up your chances, then get started by registering via the button below.

Avoid all the common pitfalls and mistakes through this comprehensive program:

-music choice
-score sheet analysis
-choreography development
-emotional connection

 Have You read my e-Book "The Bellydance Competition Handbook"? Check it out Here


hire jennifer to create a belly dance choreography for youHire Jennifer to Create a Choreography for you!

Here you give Jennifer the song you wish to perform for your next show or competition and Jennifer will create a spectacular choreography after a consultarion sure to challenge, inspire, and have you sparkle!
The process is easy, send Jennifer your music (price base don song length), and within a few weeks she will she will send you the choreography piece performed as a whole, the step by step breakdowns from front and back views, and any other notes you need to recreate this piece from the comfort of your own home. Once you have learned it all, Jennifer will see you run the performance during a 1 hour skype "tweaking" session" so that you can feel your best before the performance!
Song lengths

quince-sweet-16-dance-belly-classes-orlandoSweet 16 & Quinceanera Choreography ($80/hr)

Here Jennifer will create a fun choreogrpahy for the birthday girl custom made to fit her personality, party theme, music tastes, and vision. Surprise EVERYONE when you come out and perform your own belly dance routine! Perfect for your sweet 16 or quince entrance or as a surprise after dinner to precede my show.


gold-sealSpecial Promotion for Non-Competition Programs!

To motivate you even more to stay on top of your belly dance goals, Jennifer has a monthly pass available for purchase. Buy 4 classes and get the 5th free! Get Personal Belly Dance classes in person or online that work!

1 or 2 students?

Why YOU Should Start Private Belly Dancing Classes

 - You can learn in the comfort of your own home, or with Jennifer at her home at a time that better suits your schedule

- You get a Personal Coach with a syllabus specific to your program track

- Have an upcoming comeptition or performance? We can tighten up the piece exponentially through private classes

- You get such a great value for the price

- Focused attention on YOU is given

- Musicality, cultural studies, and emotionality are built into the syllabus

- Stronger core muscles and increased flexibility will result

- Private Coaching= Faster Results


What a Current Student Had To Say:

America Trujillo

"I am currently taking classes with Jennifer for continuing bellydance education. She is challenging my current knowledge with more intricate movements. Jennifer is passionate, patient and available for her students. I highly recommend taking a class with Jennifer."



private belly dancing classes in orlando with jennifer

What Is Jennifer Like as a Teacher? Read Below!

I approach teaching belly dance classes much as a personal trainer would; we set realistic goals and tackle them piece by piece until you achieve them.
Helping serious dancers and new students of this artform become aware of their habits and get them to the next level through personal coaching is my passion.
I am strict but like for us to have fun and laugh as we learn.

If you would like me to teach a workshop or a group class for a bachelorette party or Girls Night, that is also a fun option. Contact me today!

Limited Spots Available, Do Not Wait!

Only so many time slots are available due to the amount of students that are already enrolled into the private coaching program. Go ahead and contact me now to get you onto the first step :)


belly dance girls day bachelorette party ideas in OrlandoExtra option: Girls Day Group Packages (1 hr)


Want to learn belly dance along with your friends? No problem, Jennifer is available to teach fun group classes at a your home if space permits.

Price does not include studio or travel fees for out of Orlando locations. Please call (407) 900-8397 to check availability and dates.

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