Need Bachelorette Party Ideas in Orlando, FL?

How About a Bellydance Show/Lesson!

No matter what your cultural background is, watching a fabulous and energetic mini belly dance show and then being adorned with shiny hip scarves while you shimmy away to a 40-minute lesson is one heck of bachelorette party idea!

Expect to see nothing short of a glamorous belly dance show full of interaction and a taste of the exotic and Middle Eastern for the first part of the performance. Then as you progress into the 40-minute lesson, keep your drinks in arms reach as we try some of the most popular belly dance movements, put them into action with a group dance, and laugh any jitters away!

Try This New Experience Together

Make this bachelorette party stand out, and give the bride an experience she and the girls will never forget. It is all about bonding and experiencing something new together with this bachelorette party entertainment package. 

Whether a small group or large one, Jennifer can accommodate all of your pre-wedding celebration needs.

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Bellydancing Bachelorette Party Show $375

bachelorette party ideas in orlando florida

Jennifer will take care of it all, from coordinating the hip belts so that each party member can wear a hip scarf in the wedding colors, to having Jennifer coordinate her routine to fit the bride’s unique musical taste.

Take a load off from the wedding planning stress and have Jennifer do all the work in pulling off one fabulous bachelorette party surprise for your friends.

Show Breakdown

10 minute belly dance performance featuring a lively openening number, balance act and a fiery drum solo to show off some amazing isolations.

Jennifer will then change into teaching attire as the bride and her guests pick out and tie on their hipscarves. BONUS: The bride is able to keep her hip scarf as a gift!

  • 40 minute Belly dance lesson including warm-up, stretch, technique, and party time at the end to show off your new moves!
  • Picture time with the belly dancer

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