Orlando_belly_dancer pitch tips.jpgAs an Orlando Belly Dancer, it is necessary to teach other dancers how to sell their services in order to succeed. You have to be comfortable speaking about what you offer, and fine tune your sales skills to make a successful business owner. Here are some tips to think about when you receive lead calls from potential clients.

1. Sound enthusiastic! Might seem like a no-brainer but you might be surprised how one might come off when they are caught off guard. You must always be the performer, even on the phone.

2. Always ask the client for their name so that when you email or say bye at the end you can record their info.

3. Before you go into the details of your show services, give them a unique and impressive fact about you if you have awards, or something memorable to share.

4. Don’t make your explanation of the show and services so long and wordy it leaves them confused! It is easy to do this. Most clients do not know what a zill or shamadan is, so make sure to speak to them and explain in a succinct manner.

5. When you DO explain your show, do not be afraid to describe how awesome it is. Instead of saying “I will start with isis wings, then do a balance act, and then end with a drum solo”, say something like “I will start the show with a high energy and dramatic entrance with 6ft Isis wings, then proceed to perform a skillful balance act where I will place a sword on my head! The crowd loves it! To finish off the show, I will dance a drum solo. A drum solo is where belly dancers show off the most difficult moves and tricks.”…

6. KNOW YOUR PRICES! You need to know your prices for each show package and service like the back of your hand. You will come off very amateur if you do not.

7. Always ask them what cultural backgrounds they and their guests are from so you can create the right music playlist.

8. If a client wants to haggle, stand firm. They can place their required deposit, then do a payment plan up until the show or pay the balance after the show. Wording it in this manner always helps!

9. Do not forget to ask THEM what THEIR expectations are, and talk about fun, creative ways to exceed their expectations.

10. ALWAYS make sure to send them a follow up call or email! If they book you, make sure to stay in touch until the event, do not disappear on them! In the event the client does not book you the first time around, you should make yourself THE person they call on their next event so keep their contact info.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to make the most of your lead calls. Practice is key! To learn more about this Orlando Belly Dancer or the Belly Dance Business Management program that teaches dancers how to succeed follow this link.