Quick scenario…..you have been working all day, or perhaps time slipped away from you as you handled other errands and activities, and now you realize it is one hour until your gig! Like most working dancers out there, no matter how condensed and efficient we may be with our glam look, it still takes time and care to make sure we look the part for our clients. This is why finding Hairdo Ideas For Bellydancers that work is gold!

One hour is a lot of time for day looks but night hairdo’s are a whole different story. One of the annoying parts of belly dance hair styling is that often times if we have to balance a prop, we become limited on the number of hair styles we can actually wear. Add to that other factors such as the amount we sweat, and hair pieces and goodness, it can become quite daunting to come up with a hairstyle that actually works for our type of job.

Here are 3 of my favorite go-to hairstyles for when I am truly pressed with time. BONUS…these are easy to pull off too!

1. The Headband Braid
Whether your layers are growing out, your bangs are not looking their best, or you have unruly baby hairs like me, the side braid is so amazing to create the illusion of fullness when you have thin hair (i’ll explain), will not affect your balancing acts as the braid is right on the crown, and so darn cute!

Now, I know many of you out there have never braided and may be fearful, but there is no need to be. With a little bit of practice, you will be creating french braids within a couple of weeks. once you get the hang of frenchbraids, it is hard to imagine a life without them!

Here is an easy to follow tutorial on french braids.

As a bellydancer I take this style a little further to make it more glam. All you need is a tiny elastic band, hairspray, cute jewels for added glam/ribbons for color if you desire, and a fine tooth comb. You can add the ribbon in as you braid to weave it in, or screw in coiled jewels for added sparkle.

My super time saver tip is to spritz wave creating spray into the remaining hair (after you finish your headband braid) and then create a big basic braid with it. Spray it with hairspray and secure into a bun. Why? As you drive to your gig the braid will set and dry fully. Once there you undo the big basic braid and voila, waves! It will not last a long time, but the look will last the length of your show at least.  By making the hair that is not used int he headband braid full and voluminous, it creates the illusion of having a lot of hair. Hairdo Ideas For Bellydancers can be so fun!

 2. Glamorous Twist Rope Braid

This is soon cute with a huge flower placed onto one side of your hair or with a jewel crown. This look needs to have jewelry and crowns added if you want this to be glamorous enough for belly dance parties. This video tutorial explains the look and if you just HATE braiding, this is much simpler to achieve.

Bring out your hair pieces as the more hair, the more dramatic the look (I would not recommend this for short hair styles). What I love about this style is that it is quite forgiving on days where your hair is just not cooperating and looks so elegant.

3. Heart Hair Style

This looks so darn romantic and requires the least effort of all three hairstyles in this blog. I you love spins and twirls like me, the only addition i recommend is to pin down the heart hair to the hair under in key parts to keep the chances of it flying around and messing up to a minimum.

To highlight the heart, I also love to twist in bling coils to make the heart stand out even more (it also anchors the heart to the hair under for added control).

I hope this blog on Hairdo Ideas For Bellydancers helps inspire you to make beautiful looks in less time and to experiment. The ladies in these videos have libraries with nothing but wonderful hair tutorials, so give them a subscribe and share along.

Enjoy your next gig and post pictures in the comments below of your beautiful hair-do’s at your belly dance gigs. Feel free to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bellydancebyjenniferinc