Here are a list of my top 5 Belly Dance MUST-HAVES to keep you chugging along with your dance life and they make great gifts too!

1. Gel knee pads by Capezio

_Gel_Knee_Pads-for-belly-dancers.jpgTHANK YOU Capezio! About $32.00 in store but can find these a little cheaper online. These are nude colored and are like a knee support and knee protector in one. Here is a link to read more online..
I suffer from a weak left knee and these were not only comfortable to dance in, but completely invisible under my pants and skirt as the gel insert conforms to my knee. It is seamless unlike the cheaper knee pad variety that has a hard shell and is uncomfortable to kneel in. Ladies and gents, it is worth the investment, trust me. 

2. Google Wallet

You know how Paypal  takes 2.6% minimum and much more for international purchases to use their service? Google wallet blew my mind the other day (thanks Hind). This app is completely free to U.S. users and select countries. All you need to do is have is your friend or clients email address and easy as that, you can send payment or receive payment from Google’s secure system without all those fees.
You simply have to download the app, it will then add a spiffy “$” sign in your gmail. Instead of attaching a document to an email, you attach money and send it to people. Amazing! 


3. Card Munch

I don’t know about you but I seriously have two card racks full of business cards I have collected at private parties over the years. Everyone from the D.J., to the planner, to the brides cousin who wanted me to call her……what if those could all go away and turn into connections on LinkedIn instantly?
I have yet to play with this app (will do next week and update) but this sounds WAY cool! CardMunch instantly turns business cards into LinkedIn connections.
 It is for IOS which is a bummer for android, but check and see if they have rolled out with the app for android when you get a chance.
“By using this business card reader for LinkedIn, created by LinkedIn, you can convert business cards to address book contacts, and add them as LinkedIn connections”.
If you want to read more and see how this helps you after your done with your belly dance gig then folow this:

4. Hybrid Phone Case

handy-belly-dance-phone-case.jpgWhats this you ask? Well this fab little find definitely made it so much easier to record video hands free. This phone case comes with a built in stand so you can prop your phone up and video yourself drilling, or video class, or a workshop while you  take notes or do something else.
Simple but effective when you need to record something and you cant physically be holding the darn phone or are tired of those flimsy phone cases that are not balanced and your phone falls over when you prop it up.  $5 on ebay peeps! I have used it all year, and although a bit bulky, has made life easier!

5. Red Carpet Manicure Pro

I bought this last year and absolutely LOVE my nails. No harsh acetone or thick and expensive fake nail gel manicures at the salon that only damage your natural nail. This kit is portable (for us traveling belly dancers) and gives a manicure that lasts 2-3 weeks with no problems and is formula is thin enough to let your natural nail remain healthy. 
Make sure to read the manual and follow instructions so you can learn the steps, and once you do,presto! Fabulous nails that survive workshops weekends and then some with not one chip.
Hope this November round-up of products and services helps you along your belly dance journey. To get updates when a new blog comes out each week subscribe above to my Orlando Belly Dance Blog. What have your been awesome finds this November?