Holiday Entertainment Ideas in OrlandoOh my goodness, with the holidays just around the corner, planning the perfect Holiday Entertainment Ideas in Orlando can be a great way to bring friends and family together and make your shindig stand out from everyone else’s.

Here is a list of the top 5 entertainment ideas that will give a lot of joy and jingle to your guests, and will be worth the small investment.

1. Make a DIY in-home parade! This might sound silly at first but bear with me. The idea is to buy stick horses and everyone comes to the party dressed in their countries traditional or country attire. When the time is right, a parade to fun festive music will ensue and each couple will go down the line riding their horse and displaying their attire. Best attire wins a holiday prize. Why this for entertainment you ask, why not! Guests will be entertained and it is totally unique.

2. Hire a professional belly dancer! When you do your homework and find a professional belly dance entertainer with beautiful and classy videos, your party will be the highlight of the year! A belly dancer can come to your event, perform a fun routine, and then get your family up and dancing together to the rhythm of exotic tunes. What better way to stay warm, and get the entire family involved than with a belly dance show!

3. Call the flip book pros! Here in Orlando there is a wonderful company that will come to your event, set up a green screen and off to the side display an assortment of silly and over the top props. The concept is that during the evening guests will pick their favorite outrageous prop, stand in from of the camera and show their personality. At the end of 10 seconds of poses and utter silliness for the camera, a flip book will pop out of the printer showcasing all of the fun movements you did!

4.  Celebrating in a different city or on your own? One really neat idea in Orlando is to go to the Christmas Festival in Disney and not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, food, and shows around Epcot and Magic Kingdom but making sure to catch the spectacular fireworks at the end of the night. Tickets are a bit pricey, but if this is your first time coming to Orlando, it is a very magical place to be. A line-up of entertainment happens all throughout the day in Epcot. From watching a live band and belly dancer in Morocco, to being part of the dance circle in Italy.

5. Still not sure you have found the right holiday entertainment idea? Don’t worry, how about going the traditional route and looking up your local holiday parade to watch acrobats and musicians play classic tunes or sing holiday favorites. You can always hire a professional to do a show at your event or home and surprise everyone!

All in all, no matter what your budget, the holidays are a wonderful time to create lasting memories and share a beautiful experience together. I hope these Holiday Entertainment Ideas in Orlando have your wheels turning and that you enjoy our city of Orlando, Florida.