Birthday ideas in Orlando, FL are plenty, but when it comes to figuring out how to really boost the party and place the finishing touches on your Arabian or Moroccan themed birthday party, entertainment is one area where you will need to take time to research.

I have written blogs before about my birthday party entertainment services in Orlando, but this time I want to write this with stories directly from you!


One really great birthday idea is to incorporate a fire show into your celebration. It is very unexpected, is over the top, and will really grasp all the attention in the room instantly. While this option may be a little pricey for some($450+), the full length show will make sure guests are entertained for a full 20-30 minutes depending on the fire package you choose, will impress the guests, and gives people time to site as they enjoy the fire portion and then dance away as the belly dancer continues on to the full belly dance performance section and interacts with your family and friends.

Before you call for this option though, make sure a) the venue allows fire performance on their premises b) the fire dancer has insurance and send a copy of that insurance to the vendor and you. This will protect against any possible damages.

This past Tuesday I performed my fire extravaganza show in Reunion Resort, FL and the family loved it! The children were so stunned by the fire and the family all joined in for the belly dance shenanigans. Turned a simple pool party/family reunion into one heck of a night!

Tight On Time & Money?

The Attention Grabber Show is ideal for intimate birthday parties where you want a surprise performance that delivers a lot of bang for your buck! Imagine all of your friends and family chatting and eating away, the dancing has not yet started as everyone is still settling in and catching up, and all of a sudden dynamic music booms through the house, and a belly dancer appears with a huge candelabra (looks like a chandelier) balancing on her head and zills blaring!

Everyone begins to clap and gasp as this unexpected and unique surprise performance unravels before their eyes! Hip sashes comes out, and guests begin to dance along and eventually everyone is dancing in a huge circle because after all, this is probably the most fun and exuberant birthday idea in Orlando for entertainment.

The show is $250, a $100 deposit is all that is needed to book ad the rest can be done in payments or the day of the party, so it is perfect for birthdays on a budget, and small payments can be easily hidden from the spouse if needed to not spoil the surprise!

One of my clients shared an account with her husband as most married couples do, and was very worried about him finding out about her surprise birthday party idea, so what we did was to use my custom invoice option to make it appear she was paying for party services in small amounts so that if the husband were to look she could explain that one bill was for a cake, another for decorations, another for all the settings…it was so easy to hide $50 payments compared to the full amount and he never found out!

Whether you are on a budget, expense is not an issue, or in between, having a belly dancer entertain at your Arabian Nights or Moroccan themed celebration is the perfect birthday party idea in Orlando, FL so call today!