Bellydance Competition Choreography Block

In my book “The Bellydance Competition handbook: How to Raq-it at Your Next Competition”, there is a chapter discussing the mental barriers we place on ourselves, and one perfect example of this is Bellydance Competition choreography block.


Creating a choreography for a show or hafla is often a lot of work, but add the anxiety, stress and pressure that competitions place and you have a whole new can of worms to deal with. Often times dancers will begin to create a choreographic phrase and can’t seem to get past the first 8 count as they keep trying to come up with something “better”, “more exciting”,  “mire difficult” than ever before, and so the problem begins…hours spent in front of the mirror and nothing seems “worthy enough” to be shown on that competition stage.


 What To Do?


To this is I say, STOP IT! The point of the competition is to show YOUR individual best, not to try a completely new vocabulary of moves and a style different from what you have done. Your one and only goal, is to show the best performance YOU can do with the unique stylization and flavor that only you can bring with the moves YOU have mastered. In every competition of course you will have a few very specific and unique moves/concepts you will try that are new to you yes, but not the entire piece!


So instead of stressing yourself out by trying to come up with a piece that looks nothing like you when you add up all the foreign moves you “think” you should be trying, do what you do best, and dance your heart out. Take the special combinations you know well and love, and polish up the technique, add some personality and flair, and on occasion throw in 1-3 new and challenging moves into the piece as your personal goal and call it a day.


A Great Way To Tackle Bellydance Competition Choreography Block…


One really great way to get over the bellydance competition choreography block is to simply improv to the specific part of music in the most free and comfortable of ways. Wear your pajamas, dance it in a crazy outfit, dance it in half time/quarter time/double time, anything that makes you just have fun. Invite your bestie even and ask for a little boost and ideas if you need, but make sure you get over this hurdle and fast!


Time is way to precious, so instead of mulling over a segment for weeks and getting nothing done, push the pressure aside and do what you naturally do best, it is good enough, and with practice and some polishing it WILL be competition ready.


Do Not Undervalue You Inherit Strengths


Your inherit strengths are those things you do better than everyone else naturally. These are moves that should come quite easily to you. Many times you think it is so easy you will not even realize what that “thing” is that you do best.  Ask a friend/dancer if you are not sure what your natural strengths are, you may be pleasantly surprised!


Hope you enjoyed this post, and to get an instant PDF copy of my book, click the link here for the Bellydance Competition Handbook.