If you are a pet owner, then you know just how happy your pets make you. Over the course of the 8 years that I have been a mother to my Italian greyhounds, I never stopped to realize just how integral to my belly dance career they have been…until now.


My fur babies have been with me through it all. From an intermediate belly dance student who was looking to go professional, to now where my business has matured and is consistent and fruitful. Through every failure and every triumph, they have been there.


When I come home my little ones are the first to greet me every day. Their enthusiasm and love never weakens and brings light to my day. Every practice I have done at my home, they have been there watching, at times distracting me as they look for rubs as I am trying to stretch, or barks when I am at my most frustrated choreographically.


How many times have you come home from performing at a gig, tired, hungry, and ready for a shower, and your fur pets are delighted to see you and want nothing but affection? This positive reinforcement day in and day out through practices, rehearsals, marketing, writing, telephone calls and the daily grind is indeed something to be thankful for.


I can’t imagine having gotten through so much without their antics. Even at my most frustrated, my pets have always found a way to make me laugh, stop in my tracks, and simply appreciate the little things and remind me that life is much bigger than that moment that may be causing distress.


For all you belly dance pet owners out there, take a moment if you are reading this to say “thank you” to your fur-kids. Give them a sincere hug and squeeze. They are only on this earth for so many years, and for many out there, have seen us through this marvelous journey we call belly dance.


When we are at our happiest, they have been there to cuddle and celebrate with us. When we have been at our worst, they patiently waited and comforted us.


Even though they can’t speak a lick of our language, they understand our crazy dance loving ways. So what if my puppy bit my performance veil? I may have been mad for a bit, but at the end of the day, what first world problems we have!


My torn veil is a reminder of just how small my first world problems are. There is so much to be thankful and my pets are constant reminders to not sweat the small stuff and look at the bigger picture.


If you are a belly dance pet owner out there, please share your most memorable moment in which your fur-baby was there for you in your belly dance journey. I can’t wait to hear it!


To learn more about me visit my About Page, and I hope to hear from you all in the comments below. Have a happy and save New Year Belly Dance Pet Owners!