Orlando belly dancers follow up for businessToday’s topic of discussion deals Orlando Belly Dancer Bellydance By Jennifer Inc.’s version of how to follow up with a client after you have performed at their event. So much emphasis is placed on how to attract and retain clients in business, but the follow up procedure is not really discussed.
Here are a few tips any business savvy belly dancer should utilize:
1. Even before you leave from the event you are performing at, ALWAYS leave a stack of business cards with the event planner or client to pass around to guests. Guests often will be amazed and might use your services for a future event so make it easy for them to get in touch with you if they wish.
2. After the performance make sure to call back at a minimum of 4 days later. I tend to wait a week as many times Orlando wedding couples will go directly on their honey moon, or lavish birthday party organizers will take days to catch up to a normal routine. I personally will wait a minimum of a week but all in all…CALL back.
3. When you do call back make sure to thank the client (they put their trust in you). Ensure that you ask them for photographs/video if there is any to remember the day by and ask them for their feedback. Ask them how they found you if you had not already and make sure to extend an invitation to them to stay in touch via Facebook.
4. It is so easy to do a follow up and then not hear back from a client from a long time, so do not be shy to reach out. Ask them how they are doing in a few months and reach out every so often to always stay fresh on their minds. Relationships are important.
5. For the sake of this blog I used the term “clients” a lot but realize that these wonderful people who chose you to belly dance at their event are more than that, the goal is to make them feel like part of an extended family. If they ever have questions or reach out, share your knowledge, and be there for them.
So now I pass the podium to you. How do you follow up after a gig? Please write your comments below on this Orlando Belly dancers blog and share with Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. about your practices.