In the online Bellydance Competition Workshop, “Competitions Uncensored”, we will overcome fears, talk about myths, answer questions you have been holding deep inside, and grow as dancers! If you purchased the Competition Handbook then you know how in-depth and candid I can be.

How Will I Benefit?


>ALL questions will be answered in a safe and supportive environment

>The class size is small so you will receive personal attention

>You will gain insight into the strategy and “How/Why” behind each competition and how that will help you in your next contest

> Feedback from a world champion and judge


The online class will take place on Saturday March 29th from 9:00am-10:00am EST so make sure to set your alarms, eat some breakfast and have questions, pen, and paper ready to go. Here is the link where you can sign up:


The purpose of this seminar is to empower you and get you to finally break free and take advantage of having a competitor/judge at your disposal to answer any and all of your burning questions. This is invaluable! Attendees interested in purchasing a copy of the Bellydance Handbook will be able to obtain a special coupon code for 20% of their copy of the e-book.


I have been where all of you are…my first competition was a bust actually and after some trial and error, it finally clicked. Spend a small part of your Saturday with me and learn how to improve your score, become a better dancer/person, gain some insightful advice on who to increase your chances of winning (whether seasoned or new competitor) and even specific details on upcoming competitions from someone who has been there.

 Where Do I Sign Up?

To sign up simply visit the online studio page. You will see the Bellydance Competition Workshop, “Competitions Uncensored” package at the very bottom. Sign up and be ready with your desktop/laptop on Saturday so that we can see each other from the comfort of our own homes.


Are you ready to bring the best version of you onto the competition circuit? Then no more waiting, only 11 spots left in the Bellydance Competition Workshop. Sign up today for “Competitions Uncensored: How To Raq It At Your Next Competition”.