For those of you who have come across my site, you know that private belly dancing classes are my recommended method for teaching how to Belly dance, but there are plenty more ways to learn how to belly dance. Often I get a ton of calls from women who are searching to learn, and have not realized how many different ways they can approach this. Here are some classic formats for learning to belly dance and the pro’s and con’s of each.

1. Group Belly Dance Classes:

This format is ideal if you are trying belly dance for the first time and are looking for a way to meet friends, stay in shape, or simply dance with the intent of being a hobbyist.

Pro’s: The class prices are relatively cheap $10-$15 per class and women can socialize in a group setting.
Con’s: Students with a higher level of proficiency will often become bored with the slower pace of learning (the entire group must “get it”, not just the individual), and class material is often watered down a bit in order to accommodate the various age/health status of the group dynamic. Often there are too many people per class to correct each persons technique as well.

2. Belly Dance Troupe:

This is a wonderful option for women who seek to perform on stage after a basic level of belly dancing has been taught. The troupe dynamic further promotes trust in women of the troupe and a higher expectation of performance together.

Cons: Troupe dynamic can also to lead to “choreography drones” who are wonderful at following a choreography but are not strong individually when it comes to a higher level of technique and improvisation. Correcting technique individually with so many people can be troublesome as well.

3. Private Belly Dance Classes:

Private belly dance classes are ideal for those who want to learn how to belly dance with the goal of becoming a professional, competing or dancing at a high level. The classes are great for those who want the freedom to choose their preferred date and time of learning rather than only 1-2 options they must select from with a group class schedule.

Pro’s: Classes are intensive and focused with honest feedback and correction. The individual receives acute attention and can learn belly dance and its cultural significance at a faster pace with significant detail and study at a time that fits their schedule.

Con’s: Class prices are higher, typically $60+ per hour session, there is no group dynamic as classes are one on one, so instructors must provide performance opportunities once the students show proficiency after a couple of years of study.

4. Online Belly Dance Video Streaming: 

Have your heard of Skype Classes and Online Live Streaming? This is the perfect option for individuals who have occupations where they frequently travel and never have the same schedule week to week. What this platform offers, is the ability to take group classes or even private lessons online while an instructor teaches their regular group class online, or instructs you via skype in the comfort of your own home.

Pro’s: Classes have flexible hours, no matter where you are in the world, you can join in on the class so long as you have a strong internet connection.

Cons: Class fees are also high as you are receiving personal coaching online or the ability to watch a workshop online on a special topic.

5. Online Belly Dance video rentals:

In the current format, this option is wonderful for both hobbyists and professionals as virtually everything under the sun of belly dance can be rented and watched at a students’ convenience. Specific technique and topics are touched upon in bite size piece so the students can learn a chunk at a time on their own clock.

Pro’s: You can learn belly dance anywhere, at any time, and for a low video rental rate (typically $7.99+ per rental).

Con’s: The structure of a traditional structured class is gone, there is no one to correct you in your technique, and it take s a highly disciplined individual to commit to practicing on their own or to watch videos in a sequence that is best for learning. It is often a pick and choose model.

Note: This is what I will be fixing when I launch my online academy program woo hoo!

So if you want to learn how to belly dance in Orlando, FL I highly recommend you think about your goals first and choose the format that is right for you. For information on my private lessons both in person and via Skype visit my belly dance classes page.