For this weeks’ blog I am happy to share my own variation on candle tray construction for How To Make a 2-Tier Bellydance Candle Tray. Thank you Dad for helping me with this!
You will need to use your own power tools or borrow a couple power tools from a friend, and get ready to get crafty!


What You Will Need for Part I:


  1. Powerdrill
  2. Metal Sander or Metal File
  3. Large Brass Tray
  4. Small candle stick holder like this one here on EBAY 
  5. Smaller brass tray (goodwill/pawn shop/garage sales) for 2nd tier
  6. Small lantern: Pier One has a bunch for under $10. Like this one! 
  7. 6”-7” long Screw ¼” or ½” width and a nut to secure it.


Part I: How to Make a 2 Story Bellydance Candle Tray:


Alright so here is where the simplicity of it all comes in….you are going to take a marker and a ruler and mark the center of both trays, and the lantern (make sure to take top off lantern) and the small candle stick holder.


Next you will drill a hole through all 4 pieces. The hole should be the same width as your screw and nut.


Now simply place the screws through the hole of all 4 items (large tray, then lantern base, then small tray, then candle holder.


Secure by placing the nut on the underside of the large tray (what touches your head) and tighten.


Now sand down the nut and excess bolt until it is smooth and thin enough to where it does not bother your head.


What You Will Need FOR Part II: 

  1. Jewelry Wire. Get the 30ft roll which is good for 2 rows of beads on both tiers
  2. Crimping Beads
  3. Beads, pearls and Diamond beads ( joanne fabrics has this, bring a coupon!)
  4. Pack of small Jump Rings and Crimpers (pliers are fine if you do not have a crimper)


Part II: Pimping out Your Bellydance Tray

To add swags of beads/pearls it is quite simple. Grab your drill and now choose the thinnest drill bit you have to make tiny holes close to the edge of your trays. Make sure you have an even amount of holes drilled and that they are spaced evenly. I aligned my holes with each candle stick holder that was already on my existing candle tray.

Drill all the holes.

Place a jump ring into each hole.

Now time to make decorations! Measure the distance between each pair of holes and add 1”, 2” o4 etc… to make swags. Grab your crimper or pliers and a crimping bead. Grab one end of your wire, pull a crimping bead about half an in in, and loop end through it to make a loop. Take crimper/plier and crimp the crimping bead to secure this loop.

Add beads and do the same loop/crimping magic on the other end once done adding beads.
Now simply place loop onto jump ring and voila! Repeat this over and over, and go securing loops to jump rings until done.


The beading is what takes the longest to do, so make sure you are not in any rush and work on it with patience if you are not used to sewing or embellishing. Hope this inspires you to make your own two story glamorous Bellydance candle tray. Post pictures of yours if you used any part of this tutorial to make yours.

I added flowers and such to my bellydance candle tray, but definitely use your creativity to make your own unique variation so there aren’t copies of everything. Enjoy!

Hope you found this tutorial on How To Make a 2-Tier Bellydance Candle Tray useful.