b2ap3_thumbnail_41779_149713495045231_7438_n.jpgBellydance By Jennifer Inc. your  Belly Dancer in Orlando wants to open up an unspoken topic. Does the following sound familiar? So you are all excited to post your newest video of yourself onto YouTube. Posting your video shows your progress, your guts, and increases your visibility to others. Whether as a performance video or a How-To tutorial, sharing this video is a good step.
So you take the time to upload it and are eager to read responses and not even a second later the same bullying “Hater” drops by and dislikes it!
Many of us place videos on YouTube all the time and while not all dancers and artists are created equal there is a generally unspoken situation that can occur which is rather annoying. This situation is what I call the “Hater Ratings”.
Hater Ratings are when you have a perfectly good video on YouTube and a hater drops by and decides to dislike it for the simple fact that they dislike you even if they don’t know you.
Now, there is nothing wrong with expressing ones opinion, but in YouTube’s particular rating system, these ratings act much like a ranking or review score of the video contents.
While many of us have seen appalling or not so pleasing videos on YouTube it is assumed that if one dislikes a video, they truly dislike the content because a) it is not favorable or is offensive b) is difficult to understand or watch c) contains inappropriate or blatant content and etc…
But there are tons of cyber bullies out there who simply dislike all of a dancers videos as soon as they appear due to jealousy, boredom, or plain pleasure in negatively affecting others. There are even companies and individuals out there who will offer their services of disliking a companies’ competitors YouTube videos for a fee.
No one talks about this, but this is a form of cyber bullying in some cases, and so unprofessional and unethical. If there was a way to track and make public who “dislikes” a video I am sure many of these “Hater Rating” situations would drastically reduce.
 Now do not get me wrong, one can dislike a video with good, moral, and ethical reasoning. But to do so in a bullying manner is just plain ridiculous.
What are your thoughts on all of this? Let Bellydance By Jennifer Inc., your belly dancer in Orlando know in the comment box below. Enough is enough already!