For years now I have traveled the circuit of conventions and events and once thing I have noticed through conversation and observation is how over time, many of our male counterparts often become a bit tired of coming to all of the shows and conventions and either become very picky about which to attend, or some stop attending in general.

When i met my now fiance (6 years ago), I was a beginner transitioning into intermediate level. He came to my dance schools’ hafla and then as I advanced in my career he came along with me to some of the conventions and competitions. After a few years of this, I noticed he began becoming super picky about which to attend, and started asking me who was performing as his screening of whether or not to go. I found it interesting, and a bit hilarious as I couldn’t understand what caused the shift.

So… I decided last night to ask him whatever 10 questions came to mind and find out why this happened, and write down his responses without any editing or adaptation as usual for your reading pleasure.

Get ready, these are his thoughts on this topic, and perhaps some of your partners can conquer and expand on these some more and my introverted man as usual has short yet strong answers jajaja.

1. What would need to happen for you to go to a belly dance show?


There needs to be bingo or a raffle.

2. Do you think belly dancer shows are too long, too short, just right?


I don’t think it’s long if all the performers are talented. When you mix in beginners or old timers (if they are older and really good then I don’t mind, it is only the one’s that are older and have beginner ability…) that is where it starts feeling long.

3. What makes a talented performer?


A good costume, choreography…simply talent!

4. When events don’t have food or drink does it affect your enjoyment?


Doesn’t matter.

5. What would be something super cool that you would add to make a show that much better?


Head to head competition to a drum solo or something. A face-off!

6. Is it better if there are a lot of husbands who come to the show or you don’t really care?

No. Don’t care.

7. Is all belly dance music good with you or is there anything you find off-putting?


I am not going to say it’s all awesome, but to me…no, nothing really. I think there should be more implementation of newer songs where you can incorporate other stuff into belly dance like you did with the hip hop and belly dance though.  *side note, he was talking about my contemporary shaabi jajaj*

8. What do you think of underwear flashing during a performance?

I have never seen it so I can’t comment on it.

9. What makes a nice costume?


Bling, and I like it to show the beautiful features of the belly dancer.

10. What has been the best show you have been to and why?


MBC. The lineups on the weekend are always the best and there is a good variety there.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and installment 2 of “The Male Point of View”. Let me know what you and your partners think in the comments below! To learn more about me visit my about page.