Belly Dance Business CardEven with all of this technology and gadgetry going on now a day, the Belly Dance Business Card has remained a staple for networking at events and leaving people with a tangible impression of you after meeting. Belly dancing in Orlando, Florida has truly been a wonderful learning experience as the entertainment industry here is ablaze with high caliber marketing materials for show productions such as Cirque Du Solei, Medieval Knights, and much more. Giving out stunningly designed flyers, business cards and brochures can mean the difference between a sale and a potential customer throwing the card away as soon as they turn around.

Having attended so many workshops and private events, it became very apparent that the vast majority of belly dancers do not use professional graphic designers for their marketing materials, or have not gone to design school so to say.

If you cannot hire a designer that is perfectly okay, but if you are going to do it on your own, here is a small 5 item list to help make your visual materials more professional looking:

1. Color Choices

Choose colors that WORK together to express how you want people to feel about your product/service and can read easily. There are several different ways to approach color called Color Theories. Here is a link that explains the basics in a nutshell with pretty pictures:

Perhaps you want a pop of loud color, or subtle harmony, or a high contrast color combination to standout. Here is a nifty tool to help you get color ideas and understand the color wheel, and what it all means

2. Layout

This is one of the most obvious of the bunch without any training or reading on the subject.
Here are some common ideas and type of layouts :
Make sure things align too within your layout! Not just left rights, but all the elements of the page top to bottom and etc…and I am not only referring to text, everything on the page.

3. Personality

What makes you YOU, and how can you translate that into your marketing materials somehow? This is one I have finally allowed myself let go on and show off in my new business cards. For those who know me, I am hardworking yes, but I am most definitely goofy and nerdy which now translates into my cards. Instead of a traditional belly dance card where there is 1 picture on front and another in back, the entire back side is now devoted to connecting with the reader more and giving them an experience rather than just a picture.
Like cutouts? Put a cutout in there. Like sparkles, make your card sparkly. Like popups? Make your business card a pop up. It all depends on your industry and what message you are trying to deliver.

4. Picture Quality

Please, please, please just invest in professional photographs. Even if it a simple headshot in costume in a nicely lit studio and another picture full length, having HD photographs that are clear, look professional and are in a nice setting make a HUGE difference.

5. Content

Get to the point! Do not include your life story in a bBelly Dance Business Card or such obscure wording I have no clue what the heck you do or who this card came from when I look at it. Make sure your contact information is included, the font size is not too big or too small, and that you give the person reading it what they need in order to remember exactly who you are, what you do, and something memorable.