Arms are not something that has ever come naturally for me in bellydance. It is a constant challenge and can easily go by the wayside if I do not pay attention (and the arthritis doesn’t help either), but over the years, through training, hard work, and awareness, each video has shown an improvement from the last, and while the journey continues, I have reached much more confidence with them, which led me to formulate my first online bellydance intensive.

The idea for the #Longarmproblems series came after a plethora of youtube comments, messages, and emails showing support for my arm work and how long they were! I had viewed my long arms for quite some years as a hurdle and nuisance, now I embrace them. Why a hurdle? They were a hurdle because i simply didn’t know the proper technique in the beginning for how to carry them, then how to modify them to resemble the visual shape intended, and then how to deal with my arthritic hands.

It has been a journey, and it wasn’t until I began competing that it became apparent in my score sheets just how much work they needed. If you have long arms and they could use a tune up, I humbly ask that you check out the online bellydance intensive #Longarmproblems series on my online bellydance studio. It has been carefully created with YOU in mind, and includes:

  • An arm workout to strengthen your upper body
  • 4 hours of lessons (1 per week)
  • Fun homework assignments to complete each week
  • Weekly private sessions/check-ins

There are a variety of creative combinations you may have never seen before, and several awareness exercises to help you along the way to FEEL where to activate and draw your energy from for your arms.In dance simply lifting your arms is not enough, it is the HOW to lift them and where to initiate that refines and polishes.

Don’t have long arms? That is ok. The technique, drills and combinations can still apply to most. There are probably only a couple things that may not work for short-armed dancers due to limited reach.

When we belly dance, we are the music, we are the emotion, we are the visual Art that enthralls and captivates. Make sure that the energy is beautifully showcased all the way past the tips of your fingers. No one is perfect, but we can sure arm ourselves with the tools to better showcase and properly use our arms and create beautiful shapes and lines.

Summer is the perfect time to invest in yourself and use the spare time to create positive results. If you are interested in learning more about this online bellydance intensive, visit my online bellydance studio now. If you simply wish to purchase the videos only a-la-carte without any of the private sessions or accountability, you can do so as well in the videos tab. Have a great summer and dance on!