Since I can remember, everything in my life has revolved around the number 8, and this year in particular is THE year as I have recently just turned 28. I am a much better listener when in conversation with clients, and often keep my private life, well…private. Today I will be opening up some about my journey, what is to come, and some important lessons I have learned.

I am currently in the details stage of planning my  wedding. We had been dating for 8 years now and the big day is almost here. The hard part of planning is over, and now I am getting super excited as I begin to order various fun items the guests will enjoy, and organizing all of the details. Throughout the process, it has reaffirmed who my true friends and family are which is a very important lesson in and of itself. Wedding planning isn’t too crazy hard, it is simply tedious, and when dealing with coordinators who operate in Jamaican time, it can get under my skin, but everything will be perfect.

Why do I mention this? Because I want you to know that behind it all (my various business ventures), this is what I am doing in the background. I am exhausted my midnight and up by 6:30am most days. I love everything that I do and set extremely high goals with the hope that it will all pay off by the time I am thirty.

As far as my bellydance business, I have completely evolved, and have had to prioritize, and find ways to work more efficiently. I just launched my online school which is all about helping other dancers succeed in their business. It is comprised of online tutorials of what I had taught in my Business Management Program a couple of years back. I have been obsessed with finding ways to be more efficient, reach a larger audience, and create something that is not affected by age. I was working hard editing videos throughout my birthday weekend, and am so happy this is finally live. It is something I have been talking about doing for almost a couple of years now.

As far as my dancing goes, I find I am evolving yet again into a completely new phase: folklore and group choreographies. Since retiring from competitions, I have felt the emptiness of not having something to give me the adrenaline rush I seek. Group choreographies are giving me just that. I want to pair/group up with artists I admire, make the wacky ideas floating in my head come to life, and create magic. Oriental fusion and I have had a great time, but now I need to go the opposite route to feel uncomfortable again (which I always seek), and folklore offers me that. It is sooo the opposite of my lifted style, and will keep me entertained as I develop mastery one day in several of the dances.

Last year I entered the world of real estate which in a nutshell was HARD! Probably the most difficult job I have ever done, but something finally clicked in February, and I get it now. February was my most successful month, and as long as I repeat the formula, it will continue to deliver great results. I intend to make my 28th year on the planet highly successful through this venture, and to help as many families as I can. It requires a ton of labor hours, but I am fulfilled through the joy it brings to my clients and the opportunities it offers me.

I am often asked “how do you do it all?” To which I reply “handwork and sacrifice.” Where so many people grow comfortable where they are, I believe I have a gift/curse where I constantly look for ways to produce change. I am not happy staying where I am (never have been), so I am constantly evolving, creating, eliminating, learning, failing, and succeeding. You want big results? Then make a big move. This is probably why being a coach is so rewarding to me.

Enjoy your day, and thank you for all of your support. I hope this gives you a glimmer into my life, and inspires you to go out there and make change happen. Expect to see a lot of collaborations in performance, a plethora of online products, and fun wedding pictures this year.  Feel free to check out the Savvy Bellydancers School, which is where business and bellydance collide. My 28th Year has been marvelous. Now to bigger and better plans!