marketing for belly danceWhat a great month it has been for all of the belly dance business management students! There have been a lot of inquiries into the program and some common questions will be addressed here for all to see. This program is designed to get you to focus in on what you want your business to achieve and will teach you the tools and knowledge to get it accomplished.

For the program to work, it will require several months in order to get everything in place (there is a lot to do)! I work closely with you to come up with the best approach in your unique case and we do more than just drive more sales through your site, we dispel many of the psychological issues that are associated with entrepreneurship that continuously keep talented people such as yourself from going forward with your passion.

We cover a plethora of tasks such as: How to improve your site so that your business can be found
                                                             How to market yourself more effectively online
                                                             How to write more effectively
                                                            Business essentials such as logo’s, signatures, flyers, contracts, video, and etc…

There are hundreds of other tasks and avenues that we cover. Each company will go through a process of discovery and learning as you the owner learn how to be more effective and learn how to make better marketing decisions after our trainings.

We have everything from the full time award winning dancer to the dancer who is trying to crack into the professional realm. We seek to educate dancers on all aspects of the business to avoid undercutting, bad community ties, and many other easily avoidable problems.

Prices start at $150 a month for the business management program. Contact Jennifer to learn more about the other aggressive marketing package options. Dancers are billed monthly, and can pay via PayPal or by check.

I cannot be prouder of all the fabulous dancers who have worked so hard this past month and are giving their business’ the care it needs to become highly successful. They all know I am a “mamma bear” and I will push them to accomplish their goals.

One common question we have received is if the program is exclusive for belly dancers. This program is currently designed for belly dancers at this time but we do have a photographer we are working with, so email us your specific request.

If you have any more questions or would like to learn more about our business for belly dancers packages and better marketing for belly dancers simply contact me via email: or call (407) 900-8397.