A very special result of taking time off and stepping away from the business when I vacation is the ability to obtain clarity. Like most of you, I work constantly while at home, and as a small business owner, there is no “clock out” time. I work morning, noon, and night. Weekdays and weekends, for 9 years now, and it is easy to become clouded. This is why evaluating my Orlando Bellydancer goals was key during this time away.

Coming back from this last trip, I have come to commit some of the worst cardinal mistakes one can make as a small business owner:

  1. I have become too emotionally involved  in my company thus hindering my growth
  2. I have expanded my services too much and spread myself thin in a couple areas
  3. I have lost focus on my top reason for having this company

So what does this all mean for my friends, family, and fans? It means that the website, services and time/energy spent, will go only towards the core services that support my top goal. What is my top goal? Performance. I am, and always be a performer first. While I have a high level of success at private functions, I want more and additionally will seek out weekly performance opportunities and intend to create better work opportunities for belly dancers in Orlando, Florida.

For a while now I have spread myself a bit too thin, and will cut out services that do not support my #1 priority/vision in order to use my time more wisely, and allow for more of a life. What this means unfortunately for some is that due to my arthritis and time limitations, I will not be taking custom costume orders anymore, nor taking on any new students. The Online studio is a huge focus of mine, and will continue to be, so that anyone who wants to learn my methodology can do so on there via the recordings and workshops.

By becoming so emotionally involved in my small business I have trumped its’ potential to scale and grow. That is a problem I did not think I would have, and yet here I am. I have reached out to a business resource, and will be ensuring that my #1 focus is put back into place and the goals become so big people laugh. Even if I were to break my leg, the business should be able to chug along and grow. Time to take this thing to the next level as my Orlando Bellydancer goals are ready to happen.

I know many of us experience these moments of clarity when we take a step back. During the daily grind we are often so knee deep in work we can forget to look up. If you are on a vacation or even just sick on the couch for a few days, take the precious resource of time to look inside your soul and take an inventory of what you want in your life and where you are. It is o.k. to admit that not everything is perfect. It is alright to realize you may have strayed from the original path. What are you going to do about it? Taking immediate action is the answer.

Even business coaches need a coach themselves. The most highly successful people have mentors, coaches, advisors, etc… so why not other genres? Bellydancers who are successful business owners need mentors and coaches like anyone else to make their Orlando Bellydancer goals happen.

If you are interested in learning more about my online library of classes and workshops visit: https://gumroad.com/bellydancebyjennifer

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Image by: Yasmina of Cairo