Sweet 16 Party Ideas in OrlandoWith the beautiful Florida climate, belly dancing  for quinceañera and Sweet 16 Party Ideas in Orlando is a common request amongst mothers and daughters looking for some fun and glamorous entertainment for the party.

Often times I receive calls from mothers and planners who have decided on Moroccan or Arabian nights themed Sweet 16 Party Ideas in Orlando, and are looking to decide how to make their vision for a colorful, fun, and exotic themed birthday party come true.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions I receive and how an Orlando Belly dancer such as myself typically handle all of these questions…

1.  My daughter is having her Quinceañera party here in Orlando, are you familiar with Quinceañera’s?

As a Colombian American, this is a whole hearted yes! As a Latina myself, I am completely bilingual and know the in’s and out’s of Hispanic quinceañera parties and how the family, culture, and rituals must be respected and incorporated. Whether your family is throwing a quinceañera with Colombian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Venezuelan, or etc roots… feel comfortable knowing that I have firsthand knowledge of how best to design a show to represent this milestone occasion and make sure that your regions Latin flavor comes through for the party while still ensuring the Arabian nights or Moroccan theme is showcased.


2. While searching for themes for Sweet 16 Party Ideas my daughter and I came across your website, how does your belly dancing fit with our Arabian theme and vision?

Belly dancing is derived from the Middle East and is one of the most traditional and well known additions for birthday parties and celebrations so incorporating belly dance into the sweet 16 party or sweet 15 is a very beautiful and recommended idea for your theme. It adds an authentic flare, and is designed with your daughter and her friends and family in mind: exciting and fun music, appropriate attire to fir the theme colors, playful and colorful props and a lot of energy and flare. Check out my videos from a recent quinceañera Arabian themed party to see how beautiful and impressive it looks.

3. How much does it cost for a belly dancer in Orlando to perform for my daughter quinceañera or sweet 16 in Orlando/Kissimmee Florida? How about Miami?

If your birthday party is held here locally, a belly dancer in Orlando will definitely be the least expensive as you will not need to pay an additional travel fee for out of local area locations. A typical sweet 16 belly dance show will begin in the $225 range and can go up to as much as $600 for one dancer depending if you want fire dancing, costume changes, length of show, and any special requests.

If you are throwing a sweet 15/16 party outside of Orlando, then hiring a belly dancer to perform in Kissimmee or even Miami will greatly depend on length of travel. My rule is $50 travel fee for every half hour extra of driving outside of the Orlando limits. A simple MapQuest will let us know how far the location is from Orlando, and how much the travel expense addition will be. A travel fee is a small price to pay if you will be bringing the title holding Belly Dancer of the World to your daughter’s event, so no worries.

4. My daughter would like to take belly dancing classes and learn a dance for her quinceañera/sweet 16 birthday party. Do you offer this?

Sweet sixteen Party Ideas in OrlandoYes, more often than not, the daughter will take a few private belly dance classes from me her in my Orlando home or at her home, and we work on a custom choreography, picking out a cute and appropriate outfit, and I leave her with a video of the choreography to practice in between.

You want to make sure she impresses the guests and respects the art of belly dance, so the custom belly dance classes will ensure she learns quickly, gets one on one attention to answer all her questions, and gets a good feel for this dance and gains confidence.

If you are interested in hiring a belly dancer for your quinceañera or sweet 16 party that is Arabian Nights or Moroccan themed, please give me a call at (407) 900-8397 or email me. Ask me all of your questions, and watch my videos and see why I have won all the awards and have the reviews to boost your confidence. Talk to you soon!

Photos By: St.Videophotography, they are based here in Orlando!