Belly Dancer in Orlando Technological TipsIt has been a BUSY time for this Belly Dancer in Orlando, but I have a treat for you today! Even if you are not in LOVE with technology, you have to admit that some offerings out there really do speed up productivity, increase enjoyment, and help you be a more savvy business woman/man. Here are my top 5 “must-haves” that really transformed my life and I hope they will inspire you too.
1. Car seat heater after gigs. This might sound silly, but if you drive a car with a lot of the “power” options then chances are your seats have heated seats. Before and after a gig I will ALWAYS heat my seats. Why? Well, the heat relaxes the muscles as you make the trek to the gig which is much better than having them be cold (especially during this cold season).
After the gig it is such a treat! It feels so soothing to drive home after dancing so hard during your show while your lower back and thighs are being relaxed by the seats.
2. Mobile Internet! I purposely did not have internet on my phone until this year for fear that it would be “too much”. I work with computers all day long and the thought of being “connected” 24/7 really worried me. Finally after seeing how easy it seemed to make life for my honey the last few years I bought me a smart phone and activated the internet.
Well…best decision I ever made! One can check their email, upload gig photos lighting fast to social media, check the calendar, gps when lost, find what they are looking for, or translate lyrics instantly instead of having to wait to be on a computer
3. App’s “Dum Tek”, “let’s talk Arabic”, yoga stretch, remember the milk, coupons,etc…There are an abundant array of FREE apps that really cater to the belly dancer. Everything from rhythm training with “Dum-Tek”, to learning Arabic while driving with “Let’s Talk Arabic”, to Morning Yoga stretches to keep yourself conditioned with “Yoga-Stretch”, keeping your tasks in line with ”Remember the Milk”, and of course coupons to the craft stores, these apps are soooo helpful.
4. for cutting music..very easy. I said it before, and I will say it again. If you want an easy peasy, free way to cut music, use Audacity. Here is my link to my blog on the subject. It is very intuitive so don’t be scared, go try it!
5. Credit Card Swipers. Isn’t this just awesome? You are a virtual merchant wherever you go. All you need is your smart phone and card reader attachment and voila!
I hope this list has at least one idea you will seriously consider on your journey. These really made a difference in the amount of time saved productivity wise and what’s more, 4 out of 5 are free! So why wait, try something new and make this year the most productive with these tips by Jennifer, your friendly belly dancer in Orlando!