Today I wanted to get blunt answers to some questions I had been wondering and that I thought would be funny for you all to read. As a lawyer, my honey is quite to the point, and I am sure he probably finds what I do for a living to be a bit of an adventure in his life. So I decided to make a blog of exactly WHAT he said when I asked him a few questions and to see what would happen. Here it goes, nothing has been edited or altered, so enjoy. Here is the honey’s point of view on what it is like to live with a belly dancer!

1. So What Is The Funnest Part About Dating a Bellydancer?

F: How lively you guys are and how much you like to have fun!

2. What is the weirdest thing/experience you have noticed about living with a belly dancer?

F: How hangry you guys get!

3. When your belly dance spouse asks you to go with her to a show or party, does it make your cringe or what comes to mind?

F: Depends what kind of show or party. Weddings are more of a yes. 80 year old parties no.  If it is a show…how many beginners are going to be performing and how many pro’s?

4. Do you ever get scared when you see all the makeup on compared to the daytime or do you like the “mask”?

F: Like

5. What is the most annoying part about living with a belly dancer?

F: The constant playing of music at times…it is never a quiet home.

6. What was the hardest decision or low point you have seen your belly dance spouse go through (because of being a belly dancer)?

F: When something happened in competition or performance that was outside her control that affected what she was supposed to do (music they chose being incorrect,  band messed up the song big time, drummer wasn’t good).

7. What do you think has been the highest point your fiancé has gone through as a belly dancer?

F: When everything comes together and you have that perfect performance and nothing goes wrong and it is just magical.

8. What is the first memory you have of seeing her in belly dance form?

F: It is of visiting her in the restaurant where we had met and watching her interact with the crowd. I would visit her at the restaurant she worked sometimes and just watch her.

9. Your belly dance woman wins a $1000 prize. What are the first 3 belly dance related items she will buy?

F:  a. Accessory: veil or double veil, sword, drum.

b. Costume

c. Bling

10. 5 fun facts about your spouse?

1.  No matter what, in her mind it seems she is always hearing belly dance music.

2.  She is unable to move her body in any other format on the dance floor.

3. Randomly she will just throw a belly dance related stretch or movement out of the blue while we are talking or doing something. She doesn’t even realize she does this.

4. “Shazam that”! This is exactly what happens every-time she thinks there would be a song good for Bellydance.

5. She really REALLY dislikes (goes psychotic) when someone insults the profession.