List For the Glamorous Belly Dancer

Still searching for last minutes gift ideas to give your fellow belly dancer or entertainer for Christmas? Here is a list of a few fabulous products that made life better over the past month. For those belly dancers living in Orlando, I will name specific  stores where I obtained these, if you live outside of Central Florida just let me know, and a quick Google search later we can find out where they carry the products near you or online.

belly dance gift of naked-2-palette.jpg

1. Eye Shadow= Naked Palette!

Oh my how I love my Naked Palette. I was late to jump on the horse I know, but wow, worth the money ($52, but you can sign up for Ulta neswletter and get a 20% off coupon). This works on my sensitive skin without any issues as its Paraben free and everything free to make it short lol!

There are 3 palettes now to best compliment 3 different skin tones. I personally bought the Naked Palette 2 as I have olive skin, and this palette is best for my color.

The shades are perfect for gigs and looking sparkly yet not crazy. Love how all the shades work together and how easy it is to travel around with. You can find these at any local Ulta Store. If you don’t have an Ulta near you go to their website and find it there. 

2. The Conair Infinity Pro : Best Hot Rollers Ladies!

I didn’t realize how annoying and crappy my hot rollers were until I moved a step up and bought this baby. This is perfection for a belly dancer because of three convenient reasons:

a) It has a built in cord reel. Basically it is the same system that some vacuum’s have where once you are done, you tug the cord, and it quickly rolls inside the machine. This set has that! So easy to store and travel with!
b) You can adjust the heat level. I have super fine hair, so heat tools where I have only a few settings is not ideal. I need the lowest heat setting for my hair, and higher for my sister who has luscious thick hair. This keeps your hair so happy and healthy.
     c) The clips are stored inside the container when you are done via  their own convenient rack. See link. Again, so convenient, saves space, and I don’t lose my clips all the time lie I used to lol!

d) The price is worth it. For $49.99 you get a professional roller set that is easy to pack for gigs and store at home.

full coverage belly dance red-shorts.jpg

3. Full Bum Coverage Dance Shorts

Perfect length nude and color dance shorts are a must have to keep it classy. For the nude you can find them at any local Capezio or dance wear store. What I love is that I can wear a skirt and not get that awkward half wedgie, where the shorts crawl up once you start dancing.

If you want your shorts to show under your costume and need to match it, online you can find these longer length styles in several common costume colors here at
Colors Available:
        Purple shorts                    Black Shorts                    Pink Shorts                    Green Shorts
        Lime Green                        Orange                            Light Pink                       Red

        Turquoise                          White                              Yellow


4. Rhinestone Steering Wheel Cover yay!

You can find this at Walmart believe it or not and for $13 roughly, it will brighten up your sparkle-a-holics day every time she drives. Never realized how happy a steering wheel cover could make me lol! Don’t laugh, go check it out, its so pretty.

belly dance_gift_certificate.jpg

5. Belly Dance Gift Cards!

When all else fails and you need something now, like asap, a printable or e-gift certificate is a life saver. You can find one here for $25 or you can choose from other higher values via I loved how the option to print was there to make it a bit more tangible.