For years I have built a business around the power of private belly dance class instruction in Orlando, FL and online. While group classes are amazing and a necessary part of your foundation, supplementing your studies with private lessons or using them on a week to week basis is HUGE in a number of ways, and actually not as bad on your wallet as it may first appear.

1. Private Classes Are Too Expensive


With private classes going for $60.00 and up in my program, this may see like quite a lot compared to the $10-$15 group class rates and it is more. Here is how it actually ends up costing not that much more in the long run….take 12 months of weekly classes for example. Let’s say you pay $12/class weekly and are gearing up for a performance. What happens about 90% of the time is that about 3 months before the event/show date, students will need to attend rehearsal classes on top of their regular weekly classes. So $12×4= $48/month for the first 4 months= $192x twice a year=$384. Once rehearsals start (2 months before) $48×2/wk= $96/month. $96x 4 months= $384. Your grand total for 12 months= $768.

Now compare this to the one on one instruction which will make you grow and excel at double if not triple the rate. A month pass is $240, but if you attend belly dancing classes each week without skips you obtain a free 5th class! So a pass can actually become $240/5 classes. In 6 months you would need 4.8 class passes= $1152 over 6 months.

When you compare them it is a roughly a $384 difference. While this is not a tiny number, it isn’t as drastic as some may think initially and you will have gained so much growth in half the time. Time is quite valuable and so is money, and when you combine the two it can be quite a benefit to pay slightly more and see the value in hwo much more time you saved, and the value in the quality of dance you will obtain in 6 months. You Can sign up and see for yourself on my Bellydancing Classes in Orlando/Online page.

2. I Don’t Really Need It…


Private classes are not for everyone. The hobbyist belly dance student who has no desire to perform in public or only attends class for fitness goals are not ideal for privates. Students who do plan to perform in public and do not want to make the same-ole rookie mistakes, or professionals who want to do well at event shows or in competition will benefit highly. With private belly dance classes in Orlando you will obtain the necessary critique and diagnosis of what you need to do in your personal situation to resolve a dance dilemma. Sometimes the simple concept of where you are initiating your move from is all it takes to “finally get that move down!”.

Often times having the accountability form your coach each week to ensure your posture, arms, and breathing are correct makes wonders in your progress and then all of the other moves simply click.

Having a personal coach is something that all successful leaders have, so why not a belly dancer? It simply doesn’t make sense not to have a mentor guide you along in your personal journey.

3. You Live Too Far


For the many of you who are busy moms/dads, have a demanding job or are simply a bit too far to attend your class on time, Skype classes are simply amazing! For years I have been tuning in weekly and teaching students all over the world and it works! Everything from choreographies, dance exams, rhythms lesson, and technique can be taught 1 on 1 in a private lesson setting forms he comfort of your own home. just ask any of my Skype students over the years.

So if you need some coaching to work out an issue in your dance, this is the answer and quite convenient to boot!

If you are interested in trying a private belly dance lesson in Orlando, FL or via Skype, simply sign up via my belly dance classes in Orlando page and I will email you back to set up a date and time. Currently Mondays and Thursdays are the main class days.