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Shimmies on the Downs?


There are many shimmy DVD’s out there, what makes this one different is that we will specifically target an overused muscle group that is not given the credit or attention it deserves and then apply that knowledge into the downward shimmies.

Free Bonus Vid!

Yes! It lasts 15 minutes and I teach you how to release, control, and re-train the muscle group that I believe is the culprit in why those of us who know the technique and are trying to relax, simply haven’t been able to achieve a big shimmy yet.


  • Free Shipping in the USA
  • Detailed explanations of a variety of downward shimmies
  • Target a muscle group that is the culprit and learn how to retrain it

Watch The DVD Trailer Now

As you can see from the video, we will be covering all of my favorite downward shimmy variations and dive deep into where weight should be on the foot, positioning, and focusing on ways to release the entire time. Enjoy the journey with your shimmies and I hope to see big improvement from you! Make sure to watch the bonus video first BEFORE you watch my DVD. It is very important that you absorb the prep material (free bonus video) first BEFORE commencing with the breakdowns.

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