belly dance competitionSo this year I entered and gained a lot of wisdom in competitions. Last month I wrote a blog about the Miami Bellydance Convention, and this month I am going to tell you about my adventures at Rakstar in Miami. Rakstar is a huge event held in Miami every year by the talented Virginia Mendez. It comprises of four days of workshops, shows, fashion shows, competitions, and of course belly dance shopping and mayhem. I did not plan on competing as the competition is not fitting with my style of dance but at the last minute I was given encouragement from a very wonderful dancer and went to have fun, show Miami who I was, and learn more about this side of the belly dance business as I am still very much a newbie to belly dance competitions. To make a long story short I ended up placing fourth and danced with everything I had. I felt naked as I laid out all my emotions on the table in my routine and with that, felt like a winner for pushing my abilities a little higher. It was great seeing some old friends, hanging out with some new ones such as the fabulous Andrea from Stellar Advantage, and of course making new friends along the way. Not just that, but I left miami having gained new fans and supporters which is a wonderful feeling. The workshops were fabulous. Tito was my favorite of the bunch with his sassy style and fun personality. All the instructors were ridiculously talented and amazing in general though. Yousry of course is a legend and I had a blast learning his choreo, and Carmelia danced beautifully! I look forward to coming back again soon and all in all, this was another fabulously well done event that is ideal for the egyptian style dancer and of course is still great for dancers with different styles such as myself. Keep Rakin on, and I hope to see you again soon Rakstar!