2011 is not yet over, but what a fantastic year it was for my belly dance company in Orlando, FL. From launching a website to a new featured billboard, to more bookings, and meeting some amazing and kind people, this year was truly spectacular. If you know me personally, you know that I never stop working on my craft or juggling the multiple roles that I play. As I look back on 2011 there were so many lessons learned, and I look forward to making 2012 not just better, but out of this world! I, like anyone else, have my set of new year’s resolutions that I am determined to accomplish. I am determined more than ever to see my dreams come true, and step by step, I hope to get there. Here is my New Years Resolution in terms of a belly dancer 🙂 What are yours? Feel free to share them on my fanpage.

2012 Belly Dance New Years Resolutions

1. Improve my health! 2011 was not the best for my health, between chalazion surgeries, allergies, a sprained back and what not, 2012 I will do everything it takes to strengthen my immune system and body. I booked a swimsuit shoot to motivate myself to do it fast too!

2. Surround Myself with Positive People– The vast majority of dancers and industry pro’s I have met are fabulous but 2011 marked the year of heightened jealousy amongst rivals, and also an unfortunate event where someone took advantage of my kindness. This year I will strive to be less oblivious to evil and more wary of who I surround myself with in my circle.

3. Bulk Up My Marketing– Last Year’s success fuels this year’s new and improved marketing strategy which will feature a newsletter to stay in touch with all my friends, fans, and clients. Some website upgrades will also be coming about, as well as some secret weapons I cannot disclose lol. So spread the word about Orlando belly dancer Jennifer or Bellydance By Jennifer Inc.!

4. Refine my Financial Goals– running a business, getting a Masters, and then technical school by day can really take a toll. Thankfully 2011 was very successful and not only was I able to churn profits, but thankfully I am credit card debt-free for the first time in 4 years woo hoo! This year I want to save save save and begin planning for the rest of my life, starting with a refined cash flow statement and maybe even open up a retirement fund.

5. Better Myself- No one is perfect and it is important to always analyze yourself inwardly from time to time. This year I hope to be more trusting, to become a better person, to do more for the less fortunate, to make more time for loved ones, and to continue to try and unite the area I live in.

6. Girls Days!– I want to make it a point to make a once a month fun day with my circle of gals. It is soo needed and such a rare treat in 2011, but in 2012 I want to make it into a bonafide “holiday” that is celebrated once a month.

Have a Happy New Year everyone and here’s to a more successful and happy New Year to us all in 2012! If you stumbled across this blog and want to learn about me and my belly dancing life here in Orlando, FL check out my about page and subscribe to the blog.