Looking for a fun idea for a birthday party or summer fun event? Why not hire a professional belly dancer? As a trained and insured Orlando belly dancer I have the experience to handle groups of children and guide them through a fun routine. Over the last 5 and a half years I have worked as a full-time belly dancer at various family and Kid-friendly venues such as Arabian Nights, Disney, Taverna Opa, and so many more. I have always been a family style dancer as family is very important to me. I know that sometimes parents might have reservations about belly dance since other “professionals” have tarnished the good reputation of belly dance as a dance for all ages, but by looking at any of my Videos or watching my shows you will feel at ease as you see how a true professional belly dancer is completely family friendly.

That being said, what better way to get your little girls birthday party going this summer than to have her and a group of her friends wear hip scarves, dance to fun music, and see a mini show? Children have always been some of my best fans and so I enjoy allowing them an outlet that not only boosts their confidence but improves their coordination and form of expression.

If your daughter is usually timid, not to worry! In my experience, the shy ones usually come around when they see how much fun the others are having and I always pay extra to them as I was once very shy myself as a child and completely understand how they feel.

So what is included in the “Children’s Birthday Belly dance Party”? Here is what you and your little ones receive:

– start off with a belly dance mini show where Orlando Professional Bellydancer Jennifer performs a 4-5 minute routine to wow your guests.
– Hipscarves for all your children are provided ( there is an option to purchase them for the group)
-Once all hip scarves are on, your children will begin with a nice stretch and then onto a fun upbeat belly dance class to get those hip belts shaking!
– After about fifteen minutes the children can now show off some of their new moves in a fun dance circle as a finale.

Overall the belly dance package lasts about thirty minutes and your children and guests are not only able to enjoy a professional belly dance show but to remember this day forever by learning and dancing themselves. If you have any questions, by all means, visit my CONTACT page or feel free to call me. Have a great summer and hope to shimmy with you soon!