So today I just feel the need to vent. So a few months ago it was brought to my attention that a dancer thought I was copying her content and marketing position….how about no! My content is all mine and I pulled everything from my past flyers and plain old experience (clients asking me the same questions all the time). I had numerous conversations with this dancer actually about all the hot topics I felt were important and was going to write about, and funny that somehow just because my website came out later that somehow I was copying? I don’t think so.

I do admit, there was one line I loved from her faq’s (I even mentioned that to HER and the world on Facebook) which I reworded and expanded to an entire paragraph but that does not mean I am a copycat! To her that was not enough and went bazerk! I can understand if it was copy and paste or obvious paraphrasing but really?

Also many people do not know this about me but I have done hundreds of events such a weddings and what not when i was an event supervisor at a catering company ( I can put a wedding together in my sleep). I am also a big computer nerd by day and know tons about marketing, internet search engines, and plain old business due to my business education from my undergrad as well. That being said, when I started my website guess what…I used my knowledge and all the tips and tricks I knew that worked. All I have to say now is: No…you are not the only person with marketing experience, no you are not the only one who writes about high end entertainment, no…you are not the only one who knows how seo and sem works, no…you are not the only belly dancer who does weddings in Orlando. There are TONS of dancers who do this and this is called using your knowledge, they are in no way copying anyone. We all are striving for similar things and many times our goals overlap.

Competition is normal. It does not have to be a negative thing, and I am the last person in the world to hurt anyone. I know my town, and I know who my target audience has been for the past 6 years. I write from my heart which gets me in trouble at times and I am ok with that. There are tons of overlap in dance and I am sure someone in another continent or even in the U.S  does something super similar to what I do. It is a fact of life. That person probably doesn’t even know who I am and it just happened that way, and that is my case.

I cater to performing high end, family friendly entertainment for well to do clients in florida and beyond. That has been my positioning since 2006 and that is how it will stay. So here we go world, that is my position, its out in the open, not a big secret, and nothing new.