I am often asked where I get all my gorgeous costumes, so I decided to write this blog as a resource for other dancers and clients to finally know. I pretty much only buy high end Turkish, Russian, and (once in a blue moon) Egyptian costumes. I make many of them as well as I am a belly dance costume designer. Here is the list, enjoy!

1. Bella website
Turkish designer who makes very light weight, unique belly dance costumes. These are ideal for summer months.

2.Sim Moda Evi website
This is another turkish designer.They make very heavy, durable, and well built belly dance costumes ideal for winter months. Offering classic designs to ultra colorful bursts of color and pattern.

3. Legend website
I find that legend is the combination of Sim and Topkapi (below). They have that durable, mid-heavy weight costuming, but with the option of very classic designs to almost bella like decorations.

4. Topkapi facebook (she no longer has a site, but feel free to contact her via Facebook)
One of the sweetest designers I have ever worked with, she offers a myriad of looks form retro, to super high end bling costumes. Durable, a bit heavy (so good for winter) and great for a classic look.

5. Katalin Schafer website
This is a new designer I am really liking. Ultra soft materials (you feel like your wearing pajamas!), and a “I just threw this together” type of look. The materials are not as high end as other designers but the overall look is ultra trendy and amazing.

6. high end Johahara line website
I don’t normally buy these but I have had a couple that I bought, “refabbed”, and enjoyed. These are Egyptian costumes so they are very light and forgiving when you gain a couple of pounds jejej.

7. My own creations website I like making high end designs based off of the what I know I love from all the costumes I have had and aspire to own. I make costumes that are a cross between Turkish, Latin, and a teeny bit Egyptian and Russian. It all depends on my mood and the look I am going for.