I was looking through Bhuz the other day and saw an interesting post wanting to know how each dancer came to belly dance. The story of “how Orlando Belly Dancer Jennifer got here” is a bit lengthy but I promise to try and keep it as short as possible. Technically it all began in grade school believe it or not. When I was in the fourth grade I took up clarinet. Something about the instrument made me forget about all my worries and gave me the foundations I needed to become a very responsible and disciplined person. At the time my best friend began showing me these fantastic Hindi films and introduced me to a world of dance and culture completely different from my own.he story of how Orlando Belly Dancer Jennifer

orlando belly dancer jennifer Before I knew it ten ten years had passed, I had performed my last show in competitive marching band and was relocating to Orlando Florida to begin college. During those ten years I became the top clarinetist in my band  (as well as captain) and had won various awards and tittles for all my hard work and dedication. Upon moving I suddenly felt lost without a band, and none of my friends were there. I decided to attend a salsa class nearby one day to try to keep myself in shape and make new friends. Unfortunately, the salsa class was not the level I was hoping for, but I did see a flyer for Belly dance classes in Orlando on the door, and decided to give it a try. A week later I came by and could not believe my eyes when I saw a gorgeous woman at the head of the class teaching everyone to move their bodies in such a confident and unique way. I fell in love with the dance, the music, the cultural traditions and of course the sparkles! I was able to lose myself in dance the way playing clarinet had done, and the strict adherence to technique and regimen (what I had been used to) made me feel like my old self again. One class a week quickly turned into three classes per week, and soon I was helping my teacher run warm-ups, choreographies, and other activities.

Weeks quickly turned to years, and one day my teacher told me of a restaurant in Orlando that was looking to hire belly dancers. I went not knowing what to expect and was hired on the spot! Soon after I doubled my training and decided that I would do whatever it took to become a professional. Years passed, and I was soon dancing at various restaurants, events, and parties, and unofficially started my business. At first it began with just referrals and time and time again I was asked by my clients to post up a website, a video, something! I did not…I had a fear of putting myself out for the world to see (it sounds dumb but it’s true). After a while I slowly began collecting videos of my performances, posted a few photographs, and slowly began breaking down my own barriers.

2010 was the year that changed it all for me. I was invited to perform at some fantastic events and after much urging from family and friends, I gained a tremendous amount of confidence and decided to begin constructing my website. After years of training, hard work, and ups and downs, I felt proud enough about my progress with belly dance to show my work to the world. Before I knew it, it was 2011 and my website went live.

I now am at the point where so many opportunities keep pouring in and the possibilities are endless. Orlando has provided me with a great life, and the ability to belly dance full-time, and meet some amazingly talented people. I cannot wait to see what the future holds, but who knew this band geek from New York would have ever become a Orlando belly dancer who is the face of billboards, in magazines, and performing all around Florida at high-end parties and events.

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