belly dancer for wedding in orlandoLast night I performed at a wonderful Persian/American wedding. I am writing this blog as a than kyou to the many brides I have met who have been as organized, kind, and open as my latest bride was. She is one of the most organized and prompt brides I have ever worked with which makes my ability to throw the  best show possible much more enjoyable. Being an Orlando belly dancer, I often must travel a long distance to perform at beautiful and historic areas in Florida that I am not familiar with. Some brides are so stressed from planning their weddings that they do not allow ample time to deal with the small details while others handle the stress with a calmer demeanor. It is hugely important to maintain good communication with the bride and make her feel at ease with the entire process of making her entertainment aspirations come true. For brides it is important to trust the professional in return and explain your vision clearly. If you have hired a belly dancer for your wedding there are a few things a dancer needs to know beforehand, and that you should prepare to explain to her in the process.Think of this as a “How-to Prepare for a Belly Dancer at Your Wedding” with Orlando’s Professional Belly Dancer Jennifer. Keep in mind before any detailed plans are made, you must read, discuss, and sign your contract for your desired belly dancer. By doing so, you assure your belly dancer that you are serious about utilizing her/his services.

Things the belly dancer will want to know:

1- Cultural background of you, your groom, and majority or guests
2- Event time-line
3- Who will be the coordinator or main contact person the day of the event?
4- Dance Area (size, material of floor, surrounding environment, etc…)
5- Will there be a D.J.? He will need to test the music before the show to ensure all works properly.
6- Will there be a room to change and safely store belongings?
7. Photos of venue are greatly appreciated
8. Where can the bellydancer park?
9. Wedding theme/colors
10. Any special songs requests or details to add?

While I will go into much more in-depth conversation about the following points with the you these are all questions that will help smoothen out any potential bumps in the road. With weddings customization and communication are key to make sure the entertainment runs in a smooth, professional manner, and in a way that makes sense with the particular time-line of events and environment. For more information on how to Book me to belly dance at your wedding please refer to my Hire page and do not hesitate to CONTACT me with any questions.