It happens to all of us at one time or another…getting hit-on by a client, a stranger asking us to marry them, or the occasional “I bet if you go on one date with me, you’ll want me forever”. How about NO! Bellydancers are not Seducers! Oh boy, where do I start?

One common and annoying misconception about belly dancers is that we are eternally single i.e. not married or in an actual SERIOUS relationship. Now while some belly dancers are single out there that does not mean they are all over their clients trying to get dates! I personally, am happily taken. In fact having a partner in life who supports me has to be one of the most fulfilling and wonderful things to happen to me. Just because I belly dance and make people dance does not mean that I am flirting, cheating, or anything ridiculous of that nature. I am a true professional who is putting on a fun and appropriate performance for my guests and nothing more.


I am writing this blog as a thank you to all the men in belly dancers lives who “get it”. Who know that this dance is nothing erotic in the correct hands. For the men who are more of a man than any others because they trust in their women and support their business smarts and independence. This is to thank our partners who come with us to private events, parties, haflas’, and pretty  much everything else, because they know it will make us happy and they make sure we are kept safe.

Bellydancers are not SeducersI have met so many fantastic belly dancers who have had boyfriends who did not support their entrepreneurial decisions, choice of belly dance career, or in fact, made them feel demeaned for being professional dancers! It is terrible, I have experienced it in the past myself, and it is due to insecurity. When you find the right person, all those false and negative misconceptions simply disappear. Having the right partner makes you feel more confident and secure in your own career, and provides a support like no other.

So please, no more random calls, texts, e-mails, etc… from you single men! I have a boyfriend who I adore and cherish and in no way will I or any of my girlfriends out there with the same issue ever jeopardize the fantastic men we have in our lives. While I can honestly say that I love to be told that I look beautiful when I am wearing my regalia, it by no means gives any authorization to flirt with me. Bellydancers are not Seducers. This girl is taken, and thank you to all the loves in women’s lives for supporting us in what we do and!

Belly Dancer Jennifer & Her Love