To start off, let me just say that make-up and I have never been great friends. I am allergic to just about everything and have eye lids that are extremely sensitive. That being said, after years of searching I think I have found the one line that might actually not harm my skin… Bare Essentials (yes I am late on joining the bandwagon). I have used this a few times now and here is what I have experienced from a dancers perspective:

1. It lasts! I sweat quite a bit and this holds up pretty well. The eye liner could have lasted a little longer, but everything else was fantastic.
2. The particles are big enough (I am using the natural mineral form not pressed format) that they should not enter my pores.
3. My skin texture felt smoother after I took the make up off (that’s a nice bonus).
4. The colors are very vibrant compared to what I had anticipated. They have quite a good range of colors and even metalics! I can’t use the metalics due to my eyelid sensitivity but if you can do it go for it!
5. It felt very light on my skin. I can usually feel the heaviness of the product, but this felt so comfortable and light. It’s perfect for summer gigs.

That being said, I am the type of girly that never wears foundation. I rather go pay the dermatologist to get my skin healthy rather than cover it up, and this is a really great middle ground for in between the stressful times and dermatologist visits. The foundation is light enough where I feel my skin can still breathe and be seen. I hope this solves all my allergy and eye lid sensitivity issues and that any other girls out there with crazy reactive skin types try it out like I did. I was skeptical, but am liking the results so far. Hopefully in a few months I can come back and update this with more positive news. Let’s wait and see…