Hello my name is Jennifer and I am a costume-aholic. There I said! I do not know why, but it seems every year my addiction becomes worse and worse. When I first started dancing I always told myself I would never go beyond x amount of dollars for a costume. My focus always has and continues to be education. Only thing is that my taste for designer costuming continues to grow and grow. I used to be satisfied owning classic Bella’s and Legends, but now that is not enough. I want only the most contemporary, up to date styles in the most crazy fabrics or unique colors. I know as dancers we all crave gorgeous costumes but maybe I am a bit old-fashioned in the sense that I won’t go beyond a certain number no matter what. I am not a hoarder (thanks goodness), I work x amount of times per month so I have a sufficient amount of costumes that I constantly rotate in order to prevent myself from growing too attached or wearing the same thing too many times. Do you set a limit to how many costumes you own? Do you have a costume allowance max? Is it getting harder and harder to find a costume you love that costs less than what you pay in rent? When is too much too much? I love to feel great in what I wear, who doesn’t?, but does that mean ultr high end designs? I don’t know, as a designer myself I love me my bling and bead work, but how much bling does it take to satisfy a dancer’s appetite? I have a whole bling costume and now I find myself wanting to make a bling skirt jajajaj! Does the lust ever end? I don’t know, what rules do you live by that help you with your costume addiction?