Last night I was surfing the web looking for the latest video uploads form my favorite dancers and i am heart broken by one of the videos I found. Let me begin by saying that I in no way mean to bash this dancers accomplishments as a performer nor her ridiculously amazing dance skills, she is after all someone I consider to be one of the best in the world right now and gorgeous to boot. That being said I am going to make the point using this video I am about to post, that I as a fan of ladies such as her, am extremely disappointed when I find that such inspiring dancers cross over to the dark side and display themselves scantily clad, overtly sexualized, and just “too much sex” in their presentations in order to try to “get ahead”.

I feel that as professional belly dancers, it is our responsibility to conserve the true nature of belly dance. This is a dance style that is supposed to be enjoyed by all ages, and is at most sensual, NOT sexual. There are enough negative stereotypes associated with this dance and finding videos such as these, and even worse performed by amazingly talented and beautiful ladies who do not need to go down this level, is even more infuriating and hard for me to comprehend I must admit. So without further adue, here is the video..–Tk3aswKk

Again if you have ever seen this dancer before you cannot deny her talent, but why did she have to ruin the image she had and go over board on the sexuality? We have all met or seen things like this at one time or another and it worries me. How are we supposed to help elevate this dance when every blue moon some of the biggest names end up utilizing sex to promote their popularity? Do dancers feel that the only way to “make it” is to display themselves in a sexual fashion?  I worry when I see things like this, and it makes fans like me just feel so saddened because I place dancers such as Alla Kushnir on such a high pedastool, and after seeing this I must admit I feel completely let down.

I hope this is not the route this dancer continues to take. I believe everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect, and i just hope with all my heart this does not happen again with any belly dancer. There is so much talent and beauty already there that honestly nothing like this was needed. Ok stepping down form the soap box.

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