Hello everyone and welcome to my new website www.BellydancebyJennifer.com! After years of contemplation, I finally felt ready to design a site that would be user-friendly and showcase my work.  The years 2007-2010 marked a turning point in my career as I worked to bring my dance level to new heights and expand my knowledge and skills. The road to making bellydance by jennifer’s website a reality was  long one that took much thought.

I finally felt ready to officially incorporate my company Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. in 2011 and show not just Orlando, Florida but even my friends internationally, what I have been working so hard towards. I specialize in providing Orlando, Florida and beyond with tasteful high-quality belly dance performances for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and community events. I also provide serious dancers private belly dance class instruction and workshops, as well as high-end crystal belly dance costumes.

As time goes on, I will be making regular updates, posting blogs often to share all the tips and advice to help you along the way, and tweak the appearance of the website as well as newer technology becomes available. My goal for this website was to give you a straight forward and easy user experience.

If you have any additional resources you would like to see me add to the website feel free to email me with them so that I can read over your ideas and implement those that fit my business model.

Thank you for all who have supported me and made this site possible, and a special thanks to Maurix from Orange Pixel Designs who helped me make my website design a reality. So now I implore you to please go ahead and explore the site, and know that your feedback is always welcome. Enjoy bellydance by jennifer’s website!